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Success Plan: Civil Structure Model Authoring for Civil Projects

Course overview

The ability to develop and deliver a Building Information Model (BIM) of the Civil Structures design.

  • Have you adopted parametric modelling and drawing generation within a BIM environment?
  • Can you benefit from standardizing your software deployments, template deployments, and integration of firm drawing standards into BIM visual styles? Are you ready to introduce basic component creation?
  • Has your civil structures model authoring maturity reached a level of industry-wide achievable practice with solid and repeatable processes, incorporating optimized data sets and utilizing intelligent components?
  • Can you benefit from model authoring with advanced components and integrations where automation and design optimization is leveraged at key points in the design process with parametric modelling driving design changes?
  • Would you like your BIM model development to be mostly automated and driven by outcome-based design framework, with analysis integral to design development in the BIM environment? Is your predictive design driving decision-making and development based on data aggregated from previous projects?

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