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Introduction to ShotGrid

Course overview

Learn about ShotGrid’s basic capabilities and functionality in this introductory course. Set up your account, gain an understanding of the structure of data within ShotGrid, learn to navigate ShotGrid, determine your role, including what you can and cannot do, and customize the view of on-screen data.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Take a tour of ShotGrid and sign up for a free trial.
  • Update your ShotGrid profile photo and account information.
  • Get notifications via the ShotGrid Inbox and email.
  • Explain the ShotGrid schema and common project structures.
  • Navigate ShotGrid’s global menu.
  • Navigate the project navigation menu.
  • Understand ShotGrid’s default permission roles.
  • Learn about ShotGrid’s pages.
  • Navigate Entity list pages.
  • Navigate Entity detail pages.
  • Organize data on an Entity page.
  • Format data on an Entity page.


Before you start

About the author 

This content was created by Jessica Parsons, Technical Account Specialist (M&E/ShotGrid) at Autodesk.

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