Industrialized Construction in Academia

Industrialized construction: how it impacts academia and industry

Industrialized construction (IC) promotes the advancement of construction processes by employing mechanization and automation. There are several intents behind the industrialization of construction, such as increasing labor productivity, substituting  aborintensive processes with machines, fast-tracking the rate of construction, ommissioning
new projects more quickly, reducing costs, lean construction, incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and improving overall quality. Industrialization is a significant trend of scientific and technical advancement in construction as technology is changing how we design, manufacture, and assemble. It was projected that by 2035 the majority of buildings will be constructed using IC, as manufacturing and construction converge; utilizing manufacturing’s expertise in mass production and construction’s ability to design and build a highly customized complex product. With these new radical approaches it is imperative that industry, academia, and government unite to help ensure architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) programs align to produce highly skilled construction professionals with deeper insight in building information modeling (BIM) and IC. Whether academia offers new specializations or master programs, there should be a way to ensure this digital age is equipped for this paradigm shift.

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Source: Autodesk