Updating Title Block Attributes (13:10 min)

Project: Map to a Title Block





        Completion of Updating Title Block Attributes Lesson


Objective:  In this exercise, you create a title block mapping file and update the title block attributes. You complete the following steps:
■ Open a drawing and select the title block to map information to.
■ Map project and drawing information to the title block attributes.
■ Update the title block using the newly created mapping file.



Process:  To open drawing and select title block




1:  If the Project Manager is not displayed, on the Project tab, Project Tools panel, click Manager.


2:  If Custom_Data_NFPA is the active project, skip to step 6. If it is open but not active, in the Project Manager, do the following:
■ Right-click Custom_Data_NFPA.
■ Click Activate.
■ Skip to step 6.


3:  In the Project Manager, click Open Project.


4:  Browse to where you installed the exercise files. Select Custom_Data_NFPA.wdp. Click Open.


5:  From the Projects list, click the expansion node next to Custom_Data_NFPA to expand the drawing list.


6:  Right-click Custom_Data_NFPA_01.dwg. Click Open.


7:  Click on Layout1 in the lower left-hand corner of your screen to switch to paper space, then Zoom in to the title block in the lower-right corner.


Notice the title block does not have project and drawing information.


8:  In the Project Manager, right-click Custom_Data_NFPA. Click Descriptions.


9:  In the Project Description dialog box, do the following:
■ For Job Number, type 12345-67
■ For Date, type today's date.
■ For Engineer, type your initials.
■ Click OK.


10:  On the Project tab, Other Tools panel, click Title Block Setup.



11:  In the Setup Title Block Update dialog box, select <Project>.WDT file. Click OK.



12:  In the .WDT File Exists dialog box, click Overwrite.


13:  In the Enter Block Name dialog box, click Pick Block.


14:  In the drawing, select the title block. Press ENTER to end selection.


15:  In the Enter Block Name dialog box, click OK.


16:  Map Project and Drawing Data to Attributes:
In this section you create the mappings between the AutoCAD® Electrical data and the title block attributes, creating the mapping file that is used by the Title Block Update command.

In the Title Block Setup dialog box, do the following:
■ For Project ValueTitle 1, select TITLE#1 from the list.
■ For Project ValueTitle 2, select TITLE#2 from the list.



17:  In the Title Block Setup dialog box, do the following:
■ For Project ValueJob Number, select JOB# from the list.
■ For Project ValueDate, select DATE from the list.
■ For Project ValueEngineer, select ENGINEER from the list.


18:  In the Title Block Setup dialog box, do the following:
■ For Project ValueDrawn By, select DRAWNBY from the list.
■ For Project ValueChecked By, select CHKDBY from the list.
■ For Project ValueScale, select SCALE from the list.



19: Click Drawing Values, In the Title Block Setup (Assign AutoCAD Electrical Values) dialog box, do the following:
■ For Drawing ValueDrawing (%D Value), select DWG# from the list.
■ For Drawing ValueFull Filename, select CAD# from the list.


20:  In the Title Block Setup dialog box, do the following:
■ For Drawing ValueSheet (%S Value), select SH# from the list.
■ For Drawing ValueSheet Maximum, select SHTS from the list.



21:  In the Title Block Setup dialog box, do the following:
■ For Drawing ValueDrawing Description 1, select DWGDESC#1 from the list.
■ For Drawing ValueDrawing Description 2, select DWGDESC#2 from the list.
■ For Drawing ValueDrawing Description 3, select DWGDESC#3 from the list.
■ Click OK.

The mapping file Custom_Data_NFPA.wdt is created and saved in the active project directory.


22:  Update Title Blocks
In the Project Manager, right-click Custom_Data_NFPA. Click Title Block Update.


23:  In the Update Title Block dialog box, do the following:
■ Under Select Line(s) to Update (Project Description Lines), click Select All.
■ Under Select Line(s) to Update (these are per-drawing values), select all check boxes except Resequence Sheet %S Values.
■ Click Save.


24:  In the AutoCAD message dialog box, click OK.


25:  Click OK Active Drawing Only.