Creating Panel Footprints (7:38 min)

Project: Create a Panel Footprint

Prerequisites: Completion of the Panel Footprints Lesson

Objective:  In this exercise, you create a new custom footprint for a relay base, adding a reference in the footprint database. You complete the following tasks:

  • Draw the footprint geometry.
  • Add Tag and Description attributes only.
  • Save block and add a reference in the footprint database.
  • Insert a relay using a schematic list.

Process: Draw the Footprint Geometry 


  1. If the Project Manager is not displayed, on the Project tab, Project Tools panel, click Manager.

2. If Custom_Components_NFPA is the active project, skip to step 6. If it is open but not active in the Project Manager, do the following:

  • Right-click Custom_Components_NFPA.
  • Click Activate.
  • Skip to step 6.

3. In the Project Manager, click Open Project.

4. Browse to where you installed the exercise files. Select Custom_Components_NFPA.wdp. Click Open.

5. From the Projects list, click the expansion node next to Custom_Components_NFPA to expand the drawing list.

6. Right-click Custom_Components_NFPA_09.dwg. Click Open.

7. On the Schematic tab, Other Tools panel, click Symbol Builder.

8. In the Select Symbol/Objects dialog box, under Attribute Template, for Symbol, select Panel Footprint. Click OK.

9. In the Block Editor environment, close the Block Authoring palette.

10. On the Home tab, Draw panel, click Rectangle. 

11. Draw a rectangle to represent a relay base, as follows:

  • At the Specify First Corner Point prompt, type 0,0
  • In the Command prompt, click Dimensions.
  • For Length, type 2.25 then press ENTER.
  • For Width, type 3.5 then press ENTER.
  • Click in the drawing window to accept the placement of the rectangle.
  • Zoom in to the rectangle.

12. Add the Wipeout that will "hide" any objects behind the block wherever it is placed, as follows:

  • On the Annotate tab, Markup panel, click Wipeout.

    Note: If the Annotate tab is not visible, right-click on the Ribbon, hover over the Show Tabs flyout and select Annotate.

  • Press ENTER to accept the default option of Polyline.

  • Select the rectangle.

  • At the Erase polyline prompt, press ENTER to accept the default of No.

13. Create Footprint Symbol:

In the Symbol Builder Attribute Editor, under Required, select P_TAG1, DESC1, DESC2, and DESC3. Click Insert Attributes.

14. In the drawing, use Object Snap Tracking to set the insertion point of the attributes 1 inch down from the Midpoint of the top line of the rectangle.

15. Click Close Block Editor.

16. In the Close Block Editor: Save Symbol dialog box, under Symbol, do the following:

  • For Unique Identifier, clear the edit box.
  • For Unique Identifier, clear the edit box.

  • For File Path, click Browse (...).

  • In the Browse for Folder dialog box, select the active project directory, Custom_Components. Click OK.

17. In Close Block Editor: Save Symbol dialog box, under Base Point, do the following:

  • Click Pick Point.
  • In the drawing, select the midpoint of the right side of the rectangle.

Tip: Press SHIFT+right-click to display the Object Snap Override menu if Midpoint is not on already.

18. In Close Block Editor: Save Symbol dialog box, click OK.

19. In the Close Block Editor task dialog box, click No.

20. Add a Database Reference:

On the Panel tab, Other Tools panel, click Footprint Database File Editor.

21. In the Panel Footprint Lookup Database File Editor dialog box, click Edit Existing Table.

22. In the Table Edit dialog box, select SIEMENS. Click OK.

23. Add a new footprint record, as follows:

  • In the Footprint Lookup dialog box, click Add New.
  • In the Add Footprint Record (Table: SIEMENS) dialog box, for Catalog Number, type 3RH1911*
  • For Footprint Block Name, type SIEMENS_3RH1911
  • Click OK. You may need to click in another area of the dialog box to enable the OK button.

The new record is added at the end of the table.

24. In the Footprint Lookup dialog box, click OK/ Save/Exit.

25. Insert a Footprint Using a Schematic Component List:

Zoom in to the bank of relays in the upper-left area of the panel layout.

26. On the Panel tab, Insert Component Footprints panels, Icon Menu flyout, click Schematic List.

27. In the Schematic Components List --> Panel Layout Insert dialog box, do the following:

  • Under Extract Component List For, select Project.
  • Under Location Codes, select All.
  • Click OK.

28. In the Select Drawings to Process dialog box, click Do All. Click OK.

29. In the Schematic Components (active project) dialog box, do the following:

  • Click Sort List.
  • In the SORT Fields dialog box, for Primary Sort, select TAGNAME from the list. Click OK.
  • In the Schematic Components dialog box, click Mark Existing.
  • Select CR407, Safety Relay No. 1.

  • For Rotate, type 0
  • Click Insert.

30. Select the insertion point as the midpoint of the left side of CR408.

Be sure to use the Midpoint object snap, which you access by pressing SHIFT + right-click, and then selecting Midpoint.

31. In the Panel Layout - Component Insert/Edit dialog box, click OK.

32. In the Schematic Components (Active Project) dialog box, click Close.