Use Basic Editing Tools (6:16 min)

Project: Use Basic Editing Tools


Completion Time:  20 Minutes



·        Completion of the Basic Editing Tools Lesson


Objective:  In this exercise, you use basic editing tools in AutoCAD® Electrical. Using Scoot, you move existing electrical objects along wires to make room for a component that you copy into the new space. You also move, delete, and align components.




1:  If the Project Manager is not displayed, on the Project tab, Project Tools panel, click Manager.



2:  If Schematic_Editing_NFPA is the active project, skip to step 6. If it is open but not active, in the Project Manager, do the following:

·        Right-click Schematic_Editing_NFPA.

·        Click Activate.

·        Skip to step 6.


3:  In the Project Manager, click Open Project.


4:  Browse to where you installed the exercise files. Select Schematic_Editing_NFPA.wdp. Click Open.


5:  In the Projects list, click the expansion node next to Schematic_Editing_NFPA to expand the drawing list.


6:  Right-click Schematic_Editing_NFPA_04.dwg. Click Open.


7:  Zoom in to the upper area of the first ladder.



8:  On the Schematic tab, Edit Components panel, click Scoot.



9:  Select the left vertical jumper wire and slide it to the left.


10:  Select the right vertical jumper wire and slide it to the right.


11:  Select PB403A, Emergency Stop No.1, and slide it to the left.

Notice that there is space where you can insert the second push button.


12:  Copy and Toggle Components:
On the Schematic tab, Edit Components panel, click Copy Component.



13:  Select PB403A, Emergency Stop No.1.


14:  Click to specify the insertion point for the copy on line 403 to the right of PB403A.


15:  In the Insert/Edit Component dialog box, change Description Line 2 to STOP NO.2 then click OK.



16:  On the Schematic tab, Edit Components panel, click Toggle NO/NC.



17:  Select the N.C. contact on line 405.
The contact is changed and the parent cross references are updated.



18:  On the Schematic tab, Edit Components panel, click Copy Component.



19:  Select LT412, RAM 02 OKAY.


20:  Click to specify the insertion point for the copy on line 413 to the right of the terminal.


21:  In the Insert/Edit Component dialog box, change Description Line 1 to RAM 03 then click OK.


22:  Move, Delete, and Align Components:
 in to lines 411-415.



23:  On the Schematic tab, Edit Component panel, Scoot flyout, click Move Component.



24:  Select CR408 on rung 411 and move it to rung 412.



25:  On the Schematic tab, Edit Component panel, click Delete Component.



26:  Select PB415 on rung 415 to be deleted. Press ENTER.



27:  In the Search for/Surf to Children? dialog box, click OK.


28:  In the Qsave dialog box, click OK to save the current drawing and search for child contacts.



29:  On the Schematic tab, Edit Components panel, Scoot flyout, click Align to align the lights.



30:  Select LT411 as the component to align with.



31:  Select LT412LT413, and LT415. Press ENTER.