Insert Ladders And Wires (4:20 min)

Project: Insert Ladders and Wires

·        Wires and Ladders


Completion Time:  10 Minutes




Objective:  In this exercise, you walk through the process of adding and editing ladders. You will be able to insert two ladders in a new drawing and edit the ladders by trimming rungs and adding wires and rungs.




1:  If the Project Manager is not displayed, on the Project tab, Project Tools panel, click Manager.



2:  If Schematic_Wiring_NFPA is the active project, skip to step 5. If it is open but not active in the Project Manager, do the following:
> Right-click Schematic_Wiring_NFPA.
> Click Activate.
> Skip to step 5.


3:  In the Project Manager, click Open Project.


4:  Browse to where you installed the project files. Select Schematic_Wiring_NFPA.wdp then click Open.


5:  In the Project Manager, click New Drawing.


6:  In the Create New Drawing dialog box, for Name, type "Wires and Ladders"


7:  For Template, click Browse.


8:  In the Select Template dialog box, Select Acad_Electrical.dwt. Click Open.


9:  In the Create New Drawing dialog box, click OK.


10:  On the Schematic tab, Insert Wires/Wire Numbers panel, click Insert Ladder.


11:  In the Insert Ladder dialog box, for Width, type "9.00"



12:  For Spacing, type "0.75"


13:  For Rungs, type "25"

Notice that the ladder length is automatically calculated when you click somewhere else in the dialog box.


14:  For 1st Reference, type "100" and then click OK.



15:  Select an insertion point for the ladder at approximately 5.00,20.00 or type "5,20" then press ENTER.



16:  On the Schematic panel, Insert Wires/Wire Numbers tab, click Insert Ladder again.


17:  In the Insert Ladder dialog box, for Width, type "8.00"



18:  For Spacing, type "1.00"



19:  For Rungs, type "15"



20:  Notice the 1st Reference is automatically set to 125, which is the next sequential ladder reference number. Click OK.


21:  Select an insertion point at approximately 18.00,20.00 or type "18,20" then press ENTER.



22:  The remaining steps will Edit the Ladders:
> On the Schematic tab, Edit Wires/Wire Numbers panel, click Ladders > Revise Ladder.


23:  In the Modify Line Reference Numbers dialog box, change the Rung Count value for ladder 1 to "20"


24:  Change the Rung Count value of ladder 2 to "20"


25:  Change the Reference Number Start value for ladder 2 to "150"



26:  Click OK.


27:  On the Schematic tab, Edit Wires/Wire Numbers panel, click Trim Wire.


28:  On the first (left) ladder, trim rungs 101 and 103.


29:  On the second (right) ladder, trim rungs 151 and 153.


30:  On the Schematic tab, Insert Wires/Wire Numbers panel, click Wire.


31:  Add a wire starting on rung 100, about one-quarter of the way from the left bus, and ending on the left vertical bus and 101.


32:  Add a wire starting on rung 100, about three-quarters of the way across and ending on the right vertical bus at 101.


33:  Add a wire starting on rung 150, about one-quarter of the way across, running down to rung 151 (click) and moving to the right, approximately three-quarters of the way across (click). Continue running the wire down, selecting the ending location on rung 152.



34:  On the Schematic tab, Edit Wires/Wire Numbers panel, Add Rung flyout, click Add Rung.


35:  Add ladder rungs at references 103 and 153.
(Be sure to click in the area between horizontal buses.)