Update and Retag The Schematic Editing (2:35 min)

Project: Update and Retag the Schematic Editing




Completion Time:  15 Minutes



        Completion of the Update and Retag Drawings Lesson


Objective:  In this exercise, you update, retag, and resequence the Schematic Editing project. You change the component tags from reference-based to sequential, and change the inter-drawing cross- referencing to display the sheet and rung number.




1:  If the Project Manager is not displayed, on the Project tab, Project Tools panel, click Manager.



2:  If Schematic_Editing_NFPA is the active project, skip to step 6. If it is open but not active, in the Project Manager, do the following:
■ Right-click Schematic_Editing_NFPA.
■ Click Activate.
■ Skip to step 6.


3:  In the Project Manager, click Open Project.



4:  Browse to where you installed the exercise files. Select Schematic_Editing_NFPA.wdp. Click Open.


5:  In the Projects list, click the expansion node next to Schematic_Editing_NFPA to expand the drawing list.


6:  Right-click Schematic_Editing_NFPA_04.dwg. Click Open.


7:  Zoom in to the right side of rungs 407-409.


Notice the relay tag and cross-reference values.


8:  On the Project tab, Project Tools panel, click Update/Retag.



9:  In the Project-Wide Update or Retag dialog box, select Component Retag.


10:  Select Component Cross-Reference Update.


11:  Clear the Wire Number and Signal Tag/Retag check box.



12:  Select Other Configuration Settings.


13:  Click Setup for other configuration settings.


14:  In the Change Each Drawing's Settings dialog box, select Component Tagging Settings.


15:  Click Sequential. For Sequential, enter a start value of 1.


16:  Select Inter-Drawing Cross-References.


17:  For Format, type "%S%N" then click OK.


18:  In the Project-Wide Update or Retag dialog box, click OK again.


19:  In the Select Drawings to Process dialog box, click Do All. Click OK.


20:  If requested, in the Qsave dialog box, click Always Qsave.
The project drawings are sequentially processed.


21:  Zoom in to the right side of rungs 407-409.


Notice the sequential tag names on the relay coils. The contact cross-reference on CR3 displays only rung numbers for contacts on this drawing, but it displays the sheet and rung number for contacts on different drawings.