Commenting and Reviewing Comments in Shared Views

Comment and Review Comments in Shared Views - Exercise

In this exercise, you will open a shared view in the Autodesk Viewer. You will then navigate to a specific part of the building and add a comment about the view. In Revit, you will review and reply to the comment. You will then return to the viewer and reply. Finally, you will resolve the comment list.

You need to have access to a Revit and a shared view to work through these steps. If you have not created a shared view in an earlier practice, do that now. If you do not have access to Revit, ask someone who does to create a shared view and you can work through the Autodesk Viewer portion of the practice. You will also need a free Autodesk Account to access the Markup tools, but the rest of the Autodesk Viewer tools are available without signing in.

  1. Open the Small Medical Center shared view through Revit or through a link that was shared with you.
  2. In the Autodesk Viewer, sign in to your Autodesk account.
  3. In the top toolbar, click Comments. The Comments pane displays. If there are some existing comments, they display as well.

  4. Navigate to the part of the building where you want to add comments. One way to do this is to switch to 1st Person and double-click on a part of the building where you want to go. This is called Teleporting and is a quick way to get into the building.
  5. Once in the room, switch back to the Orbit option to modify the view.
  6. In the Comments page, you wil notice that a picture is taken of the view you are in.

  7. Type in a comment such as the one shown below. You have up to 400 characters for each comment.

  8. Click Post.
  9. In the toolbar, click Print. You can print the current view and specify if you want to be High Resolution.

  10. Click Print.
  11. In the toolbar, click Screenshot. This takes a screenshot, which you can download.

  12. Click Download.
  13. In the toolbar, click Share. This allows you to share the link someone else. if you want to extend the share for a longer amount of time, the owner of the shared view needs to do this in Revit.

  14. Open Revit. In the Collaborate tab > Share panel, click Shared Views if the palette is not already open.
  15. In the Shared Views palette, click Refresh.

  16. Select the shared view you are working in to read the comments.

  17. Click Reply and add to the comments (for example, "How thick should the Plexiglas be?"). Click Post.

  18. Return to the Autodesk Viewer. You need to reload to see the reply to the comment. Click the URL in the browser title and press Enter to reload it.
  19. Reply to the question and click Post.

  20. Return to Revit and click Refresh in the Shared Views palette. Note that you can view Shared Views comments in Revit without opening the project.
  21. When a set of comments is completed, click Resolve. The comment is removed from the list.

  22. If you want to see the resolved comments, expand the ellipsis and select Show resolved.

  23. Return to the Autodesk Viewer and reload the view. The comments have been removed from the list.
  24.  Check Show Resolved if you want to see the comments again.