Platform Thinking for Construction

This new animation summarizes the findings of Construction Network Plus’ second digest, exploring the ongoing conversation around platform thinking in construction, and organizing how we consider the benefits of adopting a platform strategy. 

Our research describes how platforms are categorized in management research, synthesizing insights from several key authors and considering how each concept is, and can be, applied to construction.  (5 min)

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Platforms are big business. In 2017, between 60% and 70% of start-ups with current valuations of $1 billion or more were platform businesses. Platforms underpin
many of the world’s most valuable companies.

Perhaps as a result, platforms are appearing everywhere: Google and Apple have technological platforms, mobile devices are advertising platforms, consoles are games platforms, and manufacturers use product platforms. Given that platform thinking has the
potential to create value and enhance productivity, it is understandable that it is increasingly being discussed within the construction sector. 

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Source: Transforming Construction Network Plus