How Prefabrication Enhances Production in Construction with Amr Rafaat and Nick Coubray

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How Prefabrication Enhances Production in Construction w/ Amr Rafaat & Nick Coubray

There’s a common misconception around prefabrication — that it amounts to bland, cookie-cutter boxes rolling off an assembly line. But the truth is that prefabrication techniques can allow design teams to produce beautiful, innovative designs that meet the distinct needs of individual clients.

So what exactly is prefabrication and how can it benefit you?

Nick Coubray, CEO at Howick Ltd., and Amr Raafat, VP of VDC & Technology at Windover Construction, join the show to break it all down.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The benefits behind the technology
  • The common myths associated with it
  • Some successful real world examples
  • Getting started with prefabrication