Boost Water and Drainage projects with BIM

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Date: February 18th 2021.

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9:00 AM- 10:00 AM Belize

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Trinidad & Tobago

Much progress has been made on providing Latin America communities with access to clean water and drainage, but still many throughout the region are still unable to access these basic services.

The implementation of socio-economic, environmental, and technological innovation to improve management of water resources, the protection of ecosystems and the quality of life of people, is achieved through collaborative association and the strengthening of different society sectors, to attain sustainable management of water and sanitation.

Recently, the use of BIM in this sector has been one of the most prominent points in the region's projects. Through this methodology, there are important benefits in the different stages of the project, optimizing time, costs and protecting the environment in a more sustainable way.

Join our specialists and discover the benefits of working with our technologies.

Meet the Speaker

Nestór Jaiméz

Sr Technical Sales Specialist
Autodesk Latinoamérica

Civil Engineer with postgraduate studies in Economics and Urban Law and vast experience in structuring sustainability business models, coordinating union initiatives and technological transformation of the construction sector. He has developed BIM implementation consulting processes in different sub sectors of the region.