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Improving your product’s performance

Great performing products win

The Future of Making Things - Video Overview

The future of making things is now

Industry forces and technologies are reshaping how products are designed and made. In addition, consumers demand products that are longer-lasting, better-performing and more energy efficient than ever before.

Great performing products
provide more value

Extended product lifespan

The majority of a product’s capabilities and performance measures are determined early during the design cycle. Improving product performance begins when engineers explore the realm of untested design options to make informed decisions. Engineers need to continually assess their designs so they can:

Extend product lifespan Increase operating efficiency Enhance performance specifications Prevent failures and repairs


The modern engineer’s toolset

The traditional engineering toolset is no longer sufficient. Learn about the different elements and various benefits the modern engineering toolset provides engineers today.

The impact of simulation on engineering performance

Ensuring that a design exceeds performance standards and doesn’t fail is critically important. This webinar details how engineers can leverage simulation to improve product performance.

Simulation use across the design cycle

See how simulation can be used across the design cycle from concept to detailed design and validation. Simulation can be used by engineers to maximize efficiencies throughout the design process.

Enabling engineers to make informed decisions

In order to improve product performance, you need to validate design conditions. Simulation software allows engineers to make informed design decisions and improved product value and performance.