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Push the boundaries of product performance

We’ll show you exactly what you need to build up your skillset and push your products to become more robust, resilient and efficient.

The pillars of product performance

We don’t need to preach that consumers expect fail-safe products. You know that already. Isn’t it time to get up to speed on optimizing product performance? The most valued engineers know how to solve for these three key areas. 

Expand the capabilities of your products and performance specifications to meet rising customer expectations.

Design products that not only work more efficiently – but also require less energy and materials to manufacture.

Uncover and address critical opportunities early in the design process to lengthen the lifespan of your products.


Use this guide to help identify opportunities to prevent failures, extend your product’s capabilities, and improve product efficiency.

Customer spotlight:
Airbus flies into the future

See how Airbus engineers improved fuel efficiency by using new design techniques to lightweight essential parts.

Simulation is no longer optional

Simulation has become a no brainer. It’s quick, easy, and by using it early in the process, you’ll discover thousands of design options to help your design get on the best possible track. Throughout the rest of the process, simulation continues to help improve product performance. 

Find the best possible solution by rapidly creating thousands of design options you never could have imagined.

Run a multitude of scenarios to test for potential weaknesses and validate your design choices.

Fine tune your products by making incremental improvements that will substantially improve their performance.

The definitive guide to improving product performance

Learn how generative and simulation-driven design approaches can help you get the best possible performance from your products.

Ready to learn more?

Autodesk has a robust suite of simulation tools to optimize product performance. Learn about our products, check out some demos, and push yourself – and your products – to be the best they can be.