Up-Front Mold Simulation
for Part Designers


Find plastic part quality issues earlier

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Within the world of advanced manufacturing, injection molding has had a consistent strong presence with mass production of high tolerance, high quality plastic parts.
To uphold the expectations of this cost effective manufacturing method, identifying potential part and process quality concerns as early as possible with the use of simulation may lead to:

  • Improved product development cycles with fewer iterations and change orders
  • Reduced manufacturing costs through wider processing windows
  • Capacity improvements through process cycle time optimization

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In this webinar, learn how Autodesk Moldflow Adviser can be used by part designers to effectively simulate plastic part designs during the design stages, in order to gain insights and address quality concerns. Key learnings include:

  • Optimizing cycle time, gate locations, and wall thickness
  • Visualizing warpage and shrinkage
  • Addressing weld lines, air traps, and other quality issues