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Integrated Engineering

Smarter ways of working for better project outcomes

The world of engineering for buildings changes quickly. As project complexity reaches new heights, so do the opportunities for innovating, automating, and achieving better outcomes. It’s not about working longer or harder. It’s about working smarter – with integrated engineering.

Focus On What Matters

Up your technology game to gain a competitive edge and free up more time for your engineering team to focus on what matters most - designing innovative, optimized solutions for your clients. Discover four ways leading firms are benefiting by adopting an integrated engineering approach.

Best practice, from the best in class

  • TDIndustries

    TDIndustries, one of Texas’s largest mechanical engineering and plumbing subcontractors, have turned to BIM technology to bridge gaps and connect their engineering teams.

  • Canam Group

    Canam Group, the largest fabricator of structural steel components in North America, transformed their project process with integrated BIM workflows to reduce construction site issues by a factor of 10.


    The next generation of “super engineers” at GRAEF have embraced the many benefits of BIM, boosting productivity and client satisfaction, while enhancing the skills and knowledge of their team.

MEP tutorial videos

Harness the power of integrated engineering for more efficient MEP projects and designs.

  • From design to fabrication

    Detail, estimate, and fabricate better buildings.

  • Electrical Workflows in revit

    Increase productivity when preforming lighting, powering, and circuiting tasks.

  • Mechanical systems design

    Increase productivity and efficiency at every stage of the design process.


    Quickly conduct more precise building and HVAC systems design analysis.

Structural tutorial videos

Streamline your structural engineering processes with integrated engineering.

  • Seamless Collaboration for greater accuracy

    Break down siloes with cloud work-sharing and extended BIM workflows.


    Provide more accurate and faster detailing services with better constructability.

  • Design automation for accelerated productivity

    Automate repetitive, time consuming tasks with easy to use analytical modeling and computational design.

  • Design optioneering for better project outcomes

    Produce optimized designs faster for more complex and resilient structures.


We're committed to championing engineering teams as they move towards a smarter, more integrated, way of working. Get in touch now to arrange a 1-1 consultation and bring integrated engineering workflows into your business.