All the data.
One digital twin.

Bringing together data from every stage of a project, a digital twin creates a single source of truth that improves collaboration while providing deeper insights for everyone involved, from design team to asset owner.

Why digital twin is important for AEC

Better insights with better data

A digital twin is an exact digital replica of a physical asset—an up-to-date thread of information for every component of a project. It brings together design, construction, and operational data to improve efficiencies and help reduce the total cost of ownership for your customers.

A smarter operation in every way

In the world of architecture, engineering, and construction, information is king. With better information, you reduce uncertainty while gaining efficiencies. You decrease risk while improving insights. You understand more and guess less. The BIM process puts data at the center. The digital twin harnesses this data—providing teams with improved ROI and helping with everything from capital planning to facilities maintenance.

More about digital twin

Explore the digital twin solution in more detail and discover how they help reduce risk, manage complexity, and improve both team collaboration and project forecasting.

While digital twin greatly benefits firms and design teams through BIM data management and improved collaboration, it’s owners who have the most to gain. And that creates an opportunity. Because with digital twin, firms can offer tremendous added value to clients with improved transparency into the entire design-and-build process, allowing for greater control over everything from project budgets to building operating costs. Owners also benefit through ready-to-go operations, reduced risk and uncertainty and an increase in the resiliency and sustainability of their portfolio.

Digital twin is better with BIM. Because BIM data is what gives digital twin its value. A digital twin brings together all the data created during the design, engineering, and construction of a structure, creating a comprehensive digital handover of organized, up-to-date, easily accessible data. For owner and operators, that means ready-to-go operations, proactive insights for smarter decisions and a far greater return on their investment—all additional value that digital twin allows you to pass along to your clients.

Autodesk is a leader in BIM software and has invested in digital twin concepts for years—delivering many solutions to our customers. Autodesk InfraWorks enables digital twins to help simulate the effect of flooding and traffic flow. And Autodesk Tandem extends the value of all the data created during design and construction, providing a better project handoff, increased insights, and ready-to-go operations.

How Autodesk can help

Digital twin not only helps digitally transform your business; it can also help set you apart from your competition. Let Autodesk show you how it is a key component of a more effortless handover. With organized, standardized, and most importantly, usable data, your clients benefit from more efficient operations, lower maintenance costs, and a maximum return on their investment.

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