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Exhibits archive

Pi Mobility: Pi Cycle

Company: Pi Mobility

Industry: Manufacturing

A new breed of bike

Pi Mobility founder Marcus Hays set out to make a better, more durable, and more environmentally friendly electric bike. Key to making a product more sustainable is simply making that product last longer. Using a solitary arch of recycled aluminum, Hays and team significantly increased the durability of their bike while dramatically reducing the amount of electricity used to produce it.

Digital Prototyping

Pi Mobility used Digital Prototyping to produce a data-rich 3D digital prototype in just 3 weeks. Quickly realizing that reducing the diameter by half an inch could immediately save the company $335,000, Pi Mobility calculated that over the next few years it would save 7 figures, get to market much quicker than the competition, and attain profitability a full year ahead of schedule.


Once the digital prototype has been created, production-ready 2D engineering drawing views can be generated automatically. Using the 3D model, designers can create visualizations indistinguishable from photos like the one above to validate the design, communicate design intent, and market the bike before a physical product is produced.

Design details

Pi Mobility’s more durable and environmentally friendly bike lasts much longer than traditional plastic electric bikes. Requiring just one-thirteenth the amount of electricity to manufacture compared to virgin aluminum, the bike produces just 300 pounds of carbon dioxide per 12,000 miles of travel, and is 20 to 30 times more efficient than a conventional motorcycle.

Environmental benefits

As the planet’s environmental challenges continue to mount, the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program, which supports early-stage clean technology companies, is committed to supporting companies like Pi Mobility and its singular vision of designing a sustainable future.