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One Laptop Per Child

Company: Yves Béhar/fuseproject

Industry: Manufacturing

Yves Béhar created a durable, multifunctional, economical, and power-efficient computer to realize his dream of providing a laptop for every child in the world.

Conceptual design

Yves Béhar and his fuseproject team used 3D-visualization and modeling software to explore designs that reduced the overall number of parts by making them perform dual functions, such as an antenna that also serves as a latch.


Béhar developed a distinctive, child-friendly design to encourage immediate, intuitive usage.


Manufacturing of the XO laptop takes place in Kunshan, China, using injection mold machines and electrical discharge machine (EDM) texturing tools.


Through a giant wave of publicity, One Laptop Per Child has had great success with the XO laptop and is currently working on a new touch-screen version.


The XO laptops are being sold to governments around the world for distribution. In each country, education administrators are starting the process of providing one to each child.