Best Practice Guide to Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Design

Connect best practice with data, processes, and people for a more collaborative, efficient, and productive approach to drainage design development, and delivery.

image of the SuDS report

Leverage best practice for the design of your SuDS features

SuDS are innovative, nature-based solutions for drainage design and are mandatory for new developments in many European countries. This step-by-step best practice guide has been developed to ensure your SuDS features are designed rapidly and accurately in accordance with CIRIA’s SuDS Manual. Download the guide to see how your SuDS features can be easily and accurately designed in InfoDrainage and benefit from a free trial of the software.

Learn more about how to


Leverage best practice


Streamline processes


Design accurately


Drive dynamic decisions 

Bringing data and processes together across the value chain

InfoDrainage is used by designers, developers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants and local authorities across the world to design and audit drainage systems efficiently. The sustainable and compliant designs they deliver reduce flood risk and improve water quality - all whilst accelerating their Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows.


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