Design groundbreaking projects without breaking new ground

Improve collaboration, reduce errors and rework, and start your journey toward sustainability with renovation projects

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Use data from start to finish to push your renovation projects to greater outcomes

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  • Minimize errors and rework

    Create accurate material lists and create interactive 3-D models that allow exploration and analysis of your projects and all their systems

  • Building a better future for everyone takes everyone

    Connect your whole team in the cloud with more efficient project workflows, faster review times, and integrated design processes

  • Start your journey to greater sustainability

    Autodesk solutions lay the foundation for even greater sustainability in renovation by gathering data to minimize waste and instantly model effects of design changes

Powerful features to optimize your renovation work early in the process

Autodesk software equips architects and engineers with comprehensive cloud-based capabilities that gather data and connect your whole team

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Effective collaboration, even when everyone had to be apart

“In this day and age, we would build everything through families in Revit to assure that we're able to see from different angles and understand that what we're producing has a level of detail on all sides.” Brook Quach, Design Director, Associate, Workshop/APD

Workshop/APD kept costs down with fewer design errors and smooth collaboration when stakeholders and design teams were far apart by necessity. The result: luxury residences that incorporate and echo the 1925 post office that stood on the same spot.

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