Webinar on Oct. 14th 2021 at 10 a.m. CET

How to leverage flexible and collaborative product development in the cloud

This webinar will show you how to leverage your subscription for Fusion 360 for rapid prototyping, utilizing flexible manufacturing techniques and imported geometry through the AnyCAD application, to get to market quicker.

"It allows me to resolve the form in 3D and create renderings for
presentations 50% faster than existing tools." (Deborah Laun, Brownlie Design)

Live Webinar and Q&A session

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Live Webinar for Fusion 360 users at Valmet

One of the most important enablers for innovation is the ability to iterate fast through design ideas and options, test them quickly, and craft the first prototype. This might be a digital representation in creating stunning visuals, or a physical representation produced with the likes of a 3D printer.

Learn how Fusion 360 can help to greatly expedite the process of getting from idea to manufacturing, collaborating without borders and platform limitations. This can seamlessly co-exist with the main enterprise design tools and add value for specific business areas and use case. Validation does no longer need to be a strain, with advanced simulation co-existing alongside enterprise CAD tools, all within the same eco-system.

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  • Our expert

    Josh Best

    Technical Sales Specialist Fusion 360, Autodesk

Fusion 360: Making products, made simple

Feature overview, main areas will be covered in webinar

  • Determine displacements, stresses and other effects
  • Test for failure criterion
  • Compare results of design changes
  • Optimize shape and remove unnecessary regions
  • Explore impact scenarios
  • Use cloud simulation to eliminate the need for expensive hardware

  • Import geometry from other Autodesk and non-native applications.
  • Edit imported geometry.
  • Simplify a model to prepare it for analysis.
  • Control contact types between components in an assembly for analysis.
  • Define the materials of components to be analyzed.
  • Control the mesh properties for simulation.
  • Review common complications with Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

  • A first-lot model with desired operating and weight constraints can be created using Netfabb and
    Fusion 360            
  • Explore design alternatives with Generative Design without the need to do conventional topology optimization and manual corrections
  • Design process flows into manufacturing with models that encompass necessary design considerations for additive manufacturing, mold-based manufacturing or 5-axis machining

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