Your building, your data, digitalized for data-driven operations

Unify your building’s design data with your facility management processes for improved, data-driven capital planning and operations. Minimize maintenance costs, meet occupant needs, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Think beyond your building with design data insights

Autodesk and Eputra (formerly iOffice + SpaceIQ) have teamed up to combine critical design and engineering data with building operational and performance data and workflows. This makes it easier than ever to better manage costs, improve occupancy comfort, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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e-book '5 Benefits of Powering Decisions with Insights'

Unlock 5 Benefits of Powering Decisions with Insight

See how a common data environment connects teams, mitigates risk, and saves building owners time and money across the entire asset lifecycle.

Digital twin model

View the total tech stack for building development

Learn how Autodesk and collaborative BIM tools improve visibility and streamline processes at every project phase – from planning, design and construction through to occupancy.

See how Autodesk gets owners project data and insights


    Improving workflows and operational efficiency

    “We want to be able to get faster information to everybody. If we capture the data up front in design, then we have everything at our fingertips. Without the use of BIM tools, this wouldn't be possible."

    Glen Hines, Director for Building Information Modeling Systems

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    Avoiding costly delays during construction using BIM

    “Our inventory management is extremely complex. Early in the design process, we closely analyze revenue versus cost and other business metrics that require a very data-centric design approach.”

    Dave Fano, Former Chief Product Officer

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    BIM saves time and money on renovation projects

    “The core benefit of BIM for us comes down to being able to make better, more cost-effective decisions faster.”

    Joe Porostosky, Senior Manager of Facilities Information and Technology Services

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Ready to up your data standards?

Set data and technology standards throughout your asset life cycle. Partner with Autodesk to maximize your project visibility and use of building data for improved operations and capital planning.

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