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Pixels to objects to intelligence: building reality capture for bridging physical and cyber space

September 20-November 5, 2010

Laura Klein from the University of Southern California explored how Autodesk reality capture technology could be used to automate and improve facility management practices.


To capture as-built conditions, Klein used Autodesk Project Photofly technology. Project Photofly is a technology preview from Autodesk Labs that automatically converts digital photographs of a building or room into "photo scenes." Klein’s experiments capturing interior and exterior environments revealed insights into how this technology could be used for geometric, semantic, and performance modeling.


2D images of the Autodesk Gallery were stitched together to create a continuous 3D scene in Photo Scene Editor. Facility management use cases were explored, such as virtual building inspection.

Future applications

Several future applications of reality-capture technology in facilities management were identified. They include continuous building monitoring, change detection, and energy modeling.

Design and engineering solutions
Revit Architecture
Project Photofly


Laura Klein, PhD student in Civil Engineering

Project team

Faculty and students from the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering collaborated with Laura Klein remotely. They included:

  • Dr. Burcin Becerik-Gerber, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
  • Nan Li, PhD student

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