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IDEA Studio scholars imagine, design, and create

The Autodesk IDEA Studio supports scholars from a variety of disciplines who apply design-driven solutions to problems in business, society, and the environment. The common thread: all projects use Autodesk products in advanced, imaginative ways, and have real-life applications. Become an IDEA Studio scholar-in-residence.

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2014 IDEA Studio projects top

Play360 – Collaboration In Multi-User Environments
This project intends to study the overlap between multi-player games and multi-user products. Using Fusion 360 as a foundation, it will explore the potential use of cooperative game mechanics in enhancing user experience for professional tools.


Advanced Folding: Separating Bicycles Using Carbon Fiber
This project aims to explore the capabilities of Fusion 360 by working in the design space of folding carbon fiber bicycles.


Designing the Design Pedagogy: Optimizing the Integration of BIM in Effective Design Teaching
An examination of advantages and challenges associated with the integration of BIM in Architecture Design Studio. The study includes case studies of best practices nationwide including interviews with select educators.


2012 IDEA Studio projects  top

DesignScript in process
Frankfurt-based architect Thorsten Strathaus visited the IDEA Studio to put Autodesk DesignScript through its paces.


MRI to 3D: biomedical simulation using mechanical engineering technology
Researchers from Michigan State University transformed 2D MRI data into 3D anatomical models to simulate blood flow changes in a study designed to help prevent pressure ulcers.

FutureSF: city design through urban sensing
Researchers from California College of the Arts explored new ways to collect, share, and use urban data streams for better, more sustainable city design.

2011 IDEA Studio projects  top

Implementing BERA language on Revit Architecture
Jin Kook Lee from Georgia Institute of Technology aimed to enhance object querying and rule checking of BIM models.


Path optimization of 3D visual inspection for large facilities and cities using CAD data
Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University explored using CAD models of cities to optimize the flight path of an autonomous drone for rescue missions.

Design optioneering: variation, exploration, correlation
Researchers from University of Southern California sought to revolutionize early-stage building design by "designing in" energy and economics through automation and evolutionary optimization.


nTinker: a design and visualization tool for biological engineering of multicell systems
In the IDEA Studio, University of Washington Ph.D. candidate Deepak Chandran initiated development of a Maya plug-in for 3D simulation of synthetic biology experiments.

Building core modeler
In the Autodesk IDEA Studio, Marcelo Bernal used Revit Architecture software to automate the generation of building cores for variable building shapes.


Bio computational evolution: the next generation of software for synthetic biology
David Benjamin, founder of architecture firm The Living, developed a software workflow in the IDEA Studio to model, simulate, and optimize synthetic biology systems.

Local code: real estates
In the IDEA Studio, researchers from UC Berkeley integrated geospatial and parametric tools to craft a new kind of urban design.


Automated self-paced learning through gaming mechanics
In the IDEA Studio, Olin College of Engineering students explored how gaming mechanics can enhance the software learning experience.


2010 IDEA Studio projects  top

Pixels to objects to intelligence: building reality capture for bridging physical and cyber space
Laura Klein from the University of Southern California explored how Autodesk Project Photofly technology could enable automation and improvement of facility management practices.

In the IDEA Studio, Zaha Hadid Architects’ Shajay Bhooshan created design methods to unite form-finding in Maya with structural analysis in Algor Simulation.


Fluids exploration in engineering research using Maya
IDEA Studio residents from UC Berkeley explored how Maya could be used to accelerate the pace of engineering research in the early stages.


Chaotic mixing for engineered wetlands
Uniting advanced fluid dynamics with environmental engineering, faculty and graduate students investigated how engineered wetlands more efficiently process pollutants through chaotic mixing strategies.


2009 IDEA Studio projects  top

Experiential simulation for designing healthcare environments
Graduate students created an immersive visualization of a local hospital using multiple Autodesk applications.


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