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Autodesk Digital Construction School – Winter 2020

All content from the Winter 2020 edition of the Digital Construction School is now available on-demand. Watch the recorded sessions to discover the latest developments with Autodesk software, workflows, and best practices for construction education.

Insights from Industry & Academia

  • Kickoff session

    Watch the Winter Digital Construction School Kickoff Session. Learn how the Autodesk Construction Cloud can enhance your construction curriculum and introduce your students to the future of work workflows through a series of on-demand videos and hands-on workshops using Assemble Systems for QTO and BIM 360 for Site Execution workflows.

  • Assemble systems in industry

    Hear from Jourdan Trice of DPR Construction about their approach to estimating through VDC enabled model-based BIM workflows using Assemble Systems for preconstruction and leveraging project data for visualization.

  • Assemble systems in academia

    Hear from Jeff Kim of Auburn University on how he is using Assemble Systems for model-based quantity takeoff and estimating along with a hands-on demonstration of Assemble for one of his classroom assignments.

  • BIM 360 in industry

    Hear from Ted Jennings of Barton Malow on their approach to VDC enabled model-based BIM workflows leveraging the Autodesk Construction Cloud across the construction lifecycle from design through commissioning and handover.

  • Closing session

    Watch the Closing Session to learn how to get access to the Autodesk Construction Cloud and hear a summary of available learning resources and next steps as well as how to stay in touch with us throughout the academic year.

Learning Content & Workshops

  • BIM 360 asset management

    Hear from Krystian Macek of Autodesk about the importance of asset management across the entire construction lifecycle for delivering projects on time using the BIM 360 platform to provide a single source of truth using a mobile solution to track key milestones and issues.

  • BIM 360 lesson plans for preconstruction

    Hear from Fope Bademosi of Wentworth Inst. of Technology as she shares out our new BIM 360 Lesson Plans for Preconstruction. Learn about our comprehensive lesson plans for introducing students to: Document Management, Model Management, and Estimating workflows using BIM 360. Assets include lesson plans, presentation materials, datasets, along with assessments and rubrics.

  • Assemble systems hands-on workshop

    Learn key workflows supporting 3D model-based cost estimating with model conditioning and quantity takeoff of Revit BIM models featuring Assemble Systems.

  • BIM 360 asset management hands-on workshop

    Learn key workflows supporting asset management with Revit BIM models across the construction lifecycle from design through commissioning and handover featuring BIM 360.

  • BIM 360 admin video guide for instructors

    Learn about our comprehensive video guide series for administrative setup of BIM 360 for Document Management, Model Coordination, and Site Execution workflows. Assets include step by step videos along with datasets and additional resources to assist you from account setup thru project implementation following best practices.

Autodesk Construction Cloud fundamentals for educators

  • How to use Autodesk Construction Cloud in education

    See how faculty are using the Autodesk Construction Cloud in their construction curriculum today.

  • Engaging students online with Document Management in BIM 360

    Learn the key features of Document Management in BIM 360 and how they can support your construction courses today.

  • Model Coordination in BIM 360

    Learn the entire coordination process, including model preparation, clash detection and analysis, and issue management, with examples of how to incorporate these workflows into the classroom.

  • Site Execution in BIM 360

    Explore key project workflows including Requests for Information (RFIs), Submittals, Inspection Checklists and demonstrate how they can be incorporated into the classroom.

  • BIM 360 Admin – Preparing the BIM 360 Environment

    Learn how to activate your BIM 360 account, create a project, setup services for collaboration, and manage people within BIM 360 Document Management.

  • BIM 360 Admin – Project Deployment

    Introduction to BIM 360 project deployment for your construction courses. Learn how to create project folders and set permissions, invite students to projects, and upload files to the BIM 360 Document Management environment.

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