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Autodesk Digital Construction Summer School

All content from the 2022 Summer School event is now available on-demand. Watch the recorded sessions to discover the latest developments with Autodesk software, workflows, and best practices for construction education.

Day 1 - Autodesk Build overview

  • Welcome

    Introduction and general outline of the event program. Brief overview and information around how to gain access to the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

  • Autodesk Build product overview

    Learn how builders enabled by a field execution and project management solution seamlessly collaborate and deliver construction projects on time and on budget.

  • Autodesk Build: Barton Malow case study

    Hear why Barton Malow includes the Autodesk Construction Cloud in their technology stack to improve project delivery and gain better project insights to make data-driven decisions.

  • Autodesk Docs product overview

    Learn how a common data environment creates a single source of truth to non-linear project workflows and gain insights to make data-driven decisions to improve project predictability.

Day 2 - Autodesk Takeoff overview

  • Autodesk Takeoff product overview

    Hear how estimators can perform more accurate 2D takeoffs and generate automated quantities from 3D models in a single online solution through connected workflows.

  • Autodesk Takeoff in the classroom

    Hear from Anne Anderson of RWU on how she integrated Autodesk Takeoff into an introductory computer applications course.

  • Autodesk Takeoff: Windover Construction case study

    Hear from Windover Construction on how they integrate Autodesk Takeoff into their construction estimating workflows.

Day 3 - Academic case study, what’s new, and curriculum

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud in the classroom

    Hear from Glenn Katz of Stanford University on how he integrated the Autodesk Construction Cloud into VDC courses in the context of project-based learning.

  • What’s new in Autodesk Construction Cloud

    Learn about new features and workflows for Autodesk BIM Collaborate, Autodesk Takeoff, and Autodesk Build and visualizations with Power BI.

  • Industrialized Construction curriculum overview

    Explore the megatrends shaping industrialized construction as well as the business model transformations needed to support the shift to productization in construction.

  • Autodesk learning and certification

    Discover a new way to learn, certify, and build skills through self-paced learning that will help students succeed in today’s evolving industries.

  • Closing

    Review highlights of learning content, accessing the Autodesk Construction Cloud, event survey, and presentation communications after the event.

Hands-on workshop panel

Learn key workflows supporting document management, quantification for construction estimating, and project management featuring the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

  • Autodesk Docs for document management

    Learn how to organize, distribute, and share files across the project lifecycle with a single document management platform. Demonstration of project setup included. See our new classroom ready assets.

  • Autodesk Takeoff for quantification in 2D & 3D

    Learn how to quantify building projects with Autodesk Takeoff using 2D and 3D methods through the Autodesk Construction Cloud. See our new classroom ready assets.

  • Autodesk Build for project management

    Learn how to manage, share, and access project documents for streamlined workflows between the office, trailer, and jobsite. See our new classroom ready assets.