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Technology is transforming the construction industry. Learn how the role of industrialized construction and digital technologies are driving the future of construction work.

IC whitepapers

Explore the key findings of more than 20 US and UK industry and academic experts examining industrialized construction and its impact on the future of construction. You’ll see how the collaborative power of industry and academia can further educate tomorrow’s workforce.

IC In Academia

For educators seeking to enrich construction students about the industry’s constant changes and opportunities. You’ll learn how academia is exposing students to advanced construction technology with examples of innovative dialogue that will help fuel classroom discussions.

Future of Work in Construction

In order to close the gap between construction productivity, skilled labor shortage, and ensuring the next generation has a path forward, RICS and Autodesk researched the role that industrialized construction and digital technologies will play in changing the future.

Educator and student testimony

Hear the stories from educators and students about how they view the ever-evolving future of construction.

Lauren Vasey

Construction industry leader, Lauren Vasey discusses the future of construction, architecture, and the many opportunities that the industry is facing for improvements in environmental sustainability.

Jacqueline Rohrmann

Civil engineering student Jacqueline Rohrmann, a Masters student in Computational Engineering and Sustainable Development, spoke with us about the current and future states of the construction industry.

Future of making construction stories

As urban population grows, there’s a greater demand for housing, infrastructure, transportation, and skilled labor. See how digitization is transforming this next generation of construction professionals.

  • How—and Why—Industry Convergence Is Powering Innovation

    Learn how industry convergence among disciplines, technologies, work processes, and supply chains has been driving innovation.

  • Ready to Reduce Your Construction Emissions? Use the Embodied Carbon Calculator

    Developed collaboratively, the EC3 is an Embodied Carbon Calculator—a tool that can help the construction industry increase transparency and reduce emissions—and it costs nothing.

  • Habitat for Humanity Builds Faster and Cheaper by 3D Printing Affordable Homes

    Habitat for Humanity is trying its hand at 3D printing affordable homes, with the goal of achieving faster, more efficient construction.

  • Creative Upskilling Keeps Coffee Chain’s Baristas Employed During Tough Times

    Compass Coffee retrains workers to build a new roastery, creating an ad-hoc construction crew that thrives on flexibility.

Industry example of industrialized construction

An example of technology’s positive influence on construction is shown here in the case of Windover. Windover was able to shed 3 months off their project schedule with modular construction.

Desktop construction solutions

Construction management skills and software tools that empower students to bring building concepts to life and manage them throughout the process.

  • Revit software empowers design and construction pros with Building Information Modeling (BIM) to bring concept to build with a coordinated, consistent, model-based approach. 

  • Navisworks helps you holistically review integrated models and data with stakeholders to gain better control of project outcomes.

  • Reality capture and 3D scanning software and services.