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Industrialized Construction

The AEC industry is under pressure to become more productive and less dangerous. Megatrends like prefabrication, additive manufacturing, robotics, and automation have pushed the industry to adopt Industrialized Construction practices. Teach your students about the convergence of construction and manufacturing and how it leads to faster project delivery, less waste, and more predictable outcomes.

Industrialized Construction for the Built Environment Lifecycle Course

Industrialized construction will transform the way projects are designed, built and operated. Students will explore the megatrends shaping it as well as the business model transformations needed to move, make, and operate into the design and assembly phase.

  • Introduction to Industrialized Construction

    An introduction to the whole course, this module introduces students to the megatrends encompassing Industrialized Construction for the built environment lifecycle.

  • Productization, DfMA, and Sustainability

    Students will explore the concept of productization, design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) and DATA for manufacture and assembly with a large emphasis on linkage of these concepts with other elements of the House of Industrialized Construction (IC).

  • Rise of MEP Assembly

    Students will learn about the MEP subcontractors’ evolution and innovation in prefab processes and explore the role of an integrated, multi-trade approach and applied manufacturing techniques in product orientation.

  • Applying the Transformation Framework to Industrialized Construction

    Students will explore the application of the transformation framework to Industrialized Construction through the layers of outcomes, strategy, and final state by looking in-depth at each stage of the six-stage transformation framework.

  • Convergence of Technology, Process, and Business models in Industrialized Construction

    Students will learn how convergence promotes multidisciplinary teams to work together across contractual boundaries creating value and utilizing digital and physical strategies promoted by Industrialized Construction.

  • Applying Machine Learning, AI, and Advanced Construction Technologies

    Students will learn how a data-driven approach helps bring context to the digital and physical strategies for Industrialized Construction and understand the data needed to support advanced building methodologies.

  • Future of Work in Industrialized Construction

    Students will explore the interdisciplinary skills, job roles, and team configurations required to support Industrialized Construction through the integration of automation, robotics, and the move towards productization.


We are honored to have worked with these industry thought leaders to help us build out this informative curriculum.

Amy Marks

VP, Industrialized Construction Strategy and Evangelism at Autodesk

Amy Marks is the Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy at Autodesk. Marks champions the use of optimized prefabrication across many building types including high-tech, healthcare, hospitality, data centers, residential and commercial buildings. As a prefabrication consultant, she defined the language and process that is adopted by companies, countries, and builders around the world.

Anil Sawhney, Ph.D. PMP FRICS FHEA

Global Lead, Construction and Infrastructure Sector (RICS)

Anil is a construction and infrastructure sector expert, an educator, a researcher, and a ConstructionTech enthusiast. He is involved in producing the construction and infrastructure sector’s body of knowledge, standards, guidance, practice statements, education, and training. He is an Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University, Visiting Professor at Liverpool John Moores University, and an adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California.

BIM resources for your classroom

Access easy-to-incorporate courses and lesson plans created to help you teach BIM skills in your construction management classes. From preconstruction to modeling and management, your students will come away with skill sets that will help them thrive in their future careers.

BIM 360 learning content

Autodesk® BIM 360™ Curriculum is designed for students preparing for careers in construction management and can be used for inclusion in undergraduate level courses.

  • Preconstruction with BIM 360: Document management and model coordination

    This course introduces some of the project management activities within BIM 360™ to accelerate delivery of projects, coordinate effectively, and reduce risk on construction projects.

  • Site execution with BIM 360: Quality control, safety, and data analytics

    Students explore how BIM manages quality assurance and control and safety processes in the cloud for greater project performance and transparency on the go.

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud fundamentals for educators

    This learning series for educators will introduce applications of the Autodesk Construction Cloud in academia as well as provide demonstrations of key workflows supporting preconstruction and site execution and best practices for setting up projects.

BIM 360 lesson plans and admin setup guide

These courses will accelerate the integration of BIM 360 into the classroom with comprehensive lesson plans for preconstruction and assist you with efficient project setup.

BIM 360 Lesson Plans for Preconstruction

Designed for both undergraduate and graduate students, these lesson plans are presented modularly, offering greater flexibility in presenting content under three major preconstruction services.

BIM 360 Admin Setup Guide for instructors

This comprehensive video guide series will assist educators with administrative setup of BIM 360 for Document Management, Model Coordination, and Site Execution workflows. Assets include step by step videos along with datasets and additional resources to assist you from account setup through project implementation following best practices.

Revit and Civil 3D courses

This course is designed to give students the skills in Autodesk Revit and Navisworks for the tasks they’ll encounter during the design and planning stages of a construction project.

  • BIM for construction management and planning

    Students will discover how 3D modeling in Revit can be used for cost estimating and making data-driven design decisions.

  • BIM modeling and management in Revit

    This course takes modeling in Revit to the next level with a series of hands-on lessons with accompanying datasets.

  • Highway and transportation infrastructure design using Civil 3D

    Students gain the tools needed to design, optimize, and document robust civil engineering projects in Civil 3D.

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