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The competition is complete. Congratulations to the winners:


1st Place: Tony Minich – Ivy Tech

2nd Place: James Hamilton – Ivy Tech

3rd Place: Juliana Gesun – University of New Hampshire




Win an award

A panel of judges from both Autodesk and ASEE will determine the top three winners.

  • First prize

    The first prize winner will be awarded $5,000.

  • Second prize

    The second prize winner will be awarded $3,000.

  • Third prize

    The third prize winner will be awarded $2,000.

What are we looking for?

A panel of judges from both Autodesk and ASEE will evaluate entries based on their innovation, clarity, how well they solve a social issue, and their use of Fusion 360.

  • Innovation

    How well does the lesson plan use creative and innovative pedagogies to accomplish objectives?

  • Clarity

    How easy would the lesson plan be for any teacher to implement in their classes?

  • Fusion 360

    How extensively does it use Fusion 360 capabilities including modeling, 3D printing, CAM and cloud collaboration?

  • Solving a social issue

    How well does it inspire students to comprehensively solve real problems in their community?

Tools for learning Fusion 360

We offer courses, hands-on workshops, and self-paced learning opportunities to help your students ramp up quickly on Fusion 360.

  • Learn Fusion 360 in 90 Minutes

    Kickstart your CAD knowledge by learning core Fusion 360 workflows.

  • Schedule a Hands-On Workshop

    Get up to speed on Fusion 360 in a no-cost workshop with a certified instructor.

  • Self-paced learning

    An introduction to key Fusion 360 concepts plus how to get started with modeling

  • Fusion 360 YouTube Channel

    Explore everything you need to know about Fusion 360 in a series of videos.

Informational Webinar

This webinar was hosted and recorded on March 9, 2022. It will introduce you to the ASEE/ Autodesk Lesson Plans for Social Change Contest. It will also give you an overview of Fusion 360 and how you can incorporate it into your class projects.


An esteemed panel of judges from both Autodesk and ASEE will evaluate the entries.

Fab Clayton

Education Program Manager, Autodesk

Fab joined Autodesk in 2017 after more than 20 years as a post-secondary educator. She holds a Bachelor and Master’s in Architecture and Urban Design and she is currently studying for a PhD in Engineering Education. She volunteers at several schools advisory boards and committees and she is a board member of ASEE’s Corporate Membership Council and the Design in Engineering Education Division. Fab is passionate about how accessible Autodesk products are to the education community and social change.

Geraldine Gooding

Senior Manager of Strategic Projects, ASEE

Ms. Gooding leads projects that seek to increase diversity in the engineering field especially in academia and improve PreK-12 teacher development programs. She holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and an MS in Technological Systems Management. She also has a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering and in City and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dan Banach

Senior Education Technical Manager, Autodesk

Dan is a Senior Technical Program Manager at Autodesk - Education where he helps schools implement Autodesk mechanical and manufacturing solutions. Dan is a nationally recognized instructor, a longtime speaker at Autodesk University and many other education events, and is a guest speaker at many universities. Before joining Autodesk, Dan worked at an Autodesk reseller where he provided CAD solutions and training to clients for 19 years. He has also authored 25 books on Autodesk 3D mechanical design software.

Dr. Wei Liu

Senior Lecturer, King’s College London, UK

Wei is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at KCL with extensive teaching and research experience across design, engineering, and management. Wei accomplished her PhD at the University of Cambridge and was Visiting Fellow at Harvard University to explore design education in interdisciplinary fields. She is Director and Board member of ASEE’s Design in Engineering Education Division. She is recognised as Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Jared Vansconder

Education Program Manager, Autodesk

Jared is a designer, researcher, technologist, and teacher. He designs and develops products, environments, services, and learning experiences. He is currently exploring the relationships between technology and design education, via: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented & Virtual Reality, Spatial visualization/cognition, Haptics & embodiment, and Human-Computer Interface (HCI). Jared holds a BS in Industrial Design, MS in Educational Technology, and is currently finishing a PhD in Learning Technologies. Currently Jared supports a handful of top universities across the US as a program manager with Autodesk Education.

Dr. Corey Schimpf

Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo (UB)

Corey is an Assistant Professor of Engineering Education. Before joining UB in 2020, he was a research scientist at the Concord Consortium for 5 years where he worked on a research and development team that created innovative technology and curriculum to support engineering design learning in K-12 settings. His research interests include studying design thinking across the spectrum from K-12 to professional designers and advancing technologies and research methods to support design education. He has a PhD in Engineering Education from Purdue University. He also serves as the Program Chair for the Design in Engineering Education Division of the American Society of Engineering Education.