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Wiretap Developer Center

Autodesk® Wiretap™ is a is a cross-platform client-server access protocol that allows the client system to remotely browse, read, and write media and metadata from Autodesk Inferno®, Autodesk Flame®, Autodesk Flint®, Autodesk Fire®, Autodesk Smoke®, or Autodesk Conform® advanced systems applications. The Wiretap SDK provides a client-side programming interface for remote access to media and metadata.


The client API is packaged as a software developer kit (SDK), allowing developers to write stand-alone applications that communicate with remote Wiretap servers in a facility. Use it to develop client applications, in C++ or Python™, with full access to the functionality of the Wiretap server. The SDK supports Windows®, Mac® and Linux® platforms. While Fire is no longer available as of the recent release, Wiretap maintains backwards compatibility with earlier Autodesk applications.

Wiretap SDK

The Wiretap SDK can be used to write a Wiretap client which is a program that uses the Wiretap Client API to communicate with a Wiretap server. A Wiretap client can be a desktop or web application, a plug-in for another application, a Python module, or even a batch file. Typically, a particular Wiretap client communicates with a particular Wiretap server implementation, for example: the IFFFS Wiretap server or Backburner Wiretap server.

  • Command line tools

    Command line tools are recommended for everyone because they allow you to see the API in action immediately. The tools directory in the Wiretap Client SDK contains a number of executable programs that you can run from the command line. They are useful for becoming familiar with what the API can do.

  • C++ Classes & libraries

    Experienced C++ developers can use these classes to program their own Wiretap clients. The Wiretap Client SDK comes with .h/.lib files which will allow you to write client application on various OS including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

  • Python modules are the basis for writing scripts that can be run immediately without compilation. Support for the popular, easy-to-use Python scripting language allows production facilities to better integrate Autodesk Wiretap into your production pipeline.

Working with the SDK

  • Register and read the Autodesk Wiretap license agreement to download. You will also find the Wiretap SDK and Python - including numerous code samples.

  • The Wiretap SDK Developer's Guide will help you leanr about how to work with the SDK.

  • Take part in active SDK discussions regarding Wiretap in the Flame forum. Note: Please include the programming language in the subject line. For example, C++ or Python. This will help us to handle your posts.