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AutoCAD® software provides a flexible development platform for specialized design and drafting applications. Its open architecture enables you to customize AutoCAD to suit your unique purposes. Examples of customizations include Autodesk’s industry-specific design software and thousands of add-on applications from members of the Autodesk® Developer Network.  AutoCAD provides the ObjectARX® programming environment with the object-oriented C++ programming interfaces, the managed AutoCAD .NET API, the complete Visual LISP® development environment and the ActiveX® interface.  

  • This is a self-paced tutorial guide for a smooth introduction into the programming world. This is a "one-stop shop" learning path for users who know Autodesk products but are absolutely new to programming and are thinking about taking the plunge.

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    Get news, expert tips and insider resources directly from Autodesk software engineers

  • Take part in active API discussion forums moderated by Autodesk software engineers. AutoCAD has several customization forums with useful software development information in AutoCAD customization discussion groups.

  • Easily extend the power of AutoCAD using apps created for the end user community.

  • Get easy access to Forge APIs and documentation, tutorials, GitHub samples, support and more for Autodesk cloud-based software and components in your own web and mobile applications.

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    Visit DevTV section of AutoCAD DevBlog for self-paced video tutorials on AutoCAD customization.


The AutoCAD developer documentation explains the components that make up the available APIs for AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based products.

Managed .NET

The components of the Managed .NET documentation are installed as part of the ObjectARX SDK and available as part of the product Help. 

Developer's Guides:

Reference Guides:


The Managed .NET Reference Guide can also be integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Member and parameter descriptions from the Managed .NET Reference Guide can be displayed within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment as part of the Intellisense feature set. This allows for some basic information about a member or parameter to be displayed in a tooltip while working in a code editor window or to be accessed from the Object Browser without the need to open the Help Viewer.These files are included in the SDK files and can be found in the same folder as the Managed .NET DLLs.

  • Connectivity Automation Object API

    The Connectivity Automation object allows you to connect, link to, and query databases in the same way that the dbConnect Manager does. The documentation related to this API is part of the product help.

  • Transmittal Object API

    The Transmittal object allows you to determine the dependencies a drawing file has and automate tasks related to the ETRANSMIT and ARCHIVE commands. The documentation related to this API is part of

  • CAD Standards Plug-in Object API

    The CAD Standards Plug-in object allows you to determine create a custom plug-in that can be used with the Batch Standards Checker or STANDARDS command. The documentation related to this API is part of the product help..

Autodesk Developer Network


For more information on Autodesk desktop product customization and APIs please visit Autodesk Developer Network Open. 


If you need more professional customization support, consider joining the Autodesk Developer Network. that includes direct support, and development product licenses.



Trial versions are available for most Autodesk products. Download your free 30-days trial version today. You can obtain Autodesk desktop software for development use on an on-going basis by joining ADN.


All the information and resources needed to use Autodesk cloud-based software and components in your own web and mobile applications can be found on the Autodesk Platform Services (formerly Forge) Developer Portal. Get easy access to APIs and documentation, tutorials, GitHub samples, support and more.

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