AutoCAD Map 3D ObjectARX SDK Developer Center

ObjectARX® for AutoCAD Map® 3D is the C++ object-oriented application programming interface for AutoCAD Map 3D. It includes C++ libraries for developing AutoCAD Map 3D applications and extending AutoCAD Map 3D functionality. In addition, ObjectARX Managed Wrapper (.NET) Classes present all of ObjectARX as Managed C++, which lets you access ObjectARX functionality using VB.NET, C#, or any other .NET language. ObjectARX for AutoCAD Map also includes a developer's guide, reference documentation, and sample code for both the ObjectARX C++ and .NET interfaces.


Download and get a license for the Autodesk ObjectARX programming environment.

ObjectARX for AutoCAD Map® 3D includes libraries, samples, and online documentation. It downloads as a self-extracting image.

Note that you should first install ObjectARX for AutoCAD, and then install ObjectARX for AutoCAD Map in the same folder. To initiate the download process, complete the ObjectARX® license agreement.

Documentation for AutoCAD Map 3D ObjectARX can be found in the docs folder of your AutoCAD Map 3D ObjectARX installation.



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