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AutoCAD OEM Developer Center

AutoCAD OEM Development Interfaces

Development Interfaces
Customize AutoCAD® with the OEM CAD development platform. This platform supports the following programming environments. 


ObjectARX for AutoCAD OEM
The ObjectARX® programming environment provides an object-oriented, C++ API for developers to use, customize, and extend the AutoCAD OEM development platform. ObjectARX provides the greatest level of performance, functionality, and integration through direct access to AutoCAD OEM software's internal objects, database structures, graphics system, command registration, and processing.


The Visual LISP® integrated development environment (IDE) and Microsoft Code with the AutoCAD AutoLISP extension can be used to develop and debug AutoLISP programs.


Microsoft .NET Framework Programming Support
Customize AutoCAD with OEM technology, which now provides managed wrapper classes that enable you to use the Microsoft® .NET Framework and to write programs in other languages, such as Visual Basic® .NET and C#.  The ObjectARX managed wrapper classes now include sophisticated selection, jig, and prompt support, complete events coverage previously only available to C++ reactors, and an application object model to give you convenient and readily discoverable access to the properties of the application, document, editor, and window objects of AutoCAD. .NET applications can easily create dockable palettes and tool palettes and can extend tabbed dialogs.  The geometry library now includes 2D curves, and support for external references has been added.


Microsoft Visual Basic in AutoCAD OEM
AutoCAD OEM now supports VBA 7.1 for 64-bit versions. However, the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) engine is no longer provided with your AutoCAD OEM installation media. Please contact your Autodesk ISV partner representative for more information. 


AutoCAD OEM licensing is handled globally by our partner Tech Soft 3D. To learn more about licensing AutoCAD OEM please go to the Tech Soft 3D AutoCAD OEM page or click here to start an evaluation.