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DWG Compatibility
Products built with AutoCAD® OEM software development platform use AutoCAD to read DWG™ and DXF™ file formats for every version of AutoCAD® design software and can write DWG files for AutoCAD software Release 14 or its later versions. DXF files can be written back to AutoCAD software Release 12 version.

Timesaving Development Environment
Use the AutoCAD OEM MakeWizard to speed and simplify your product creation cycle. The wizard’s simple graphical interface makes it easy for you to customize your CAD software product. When you use the MakeWizard, only the files required for your application are included in your product, shortening its build time and optimizing its size.

Flexible Host Applications
Create host programs that run your AutoCAD OEM software development platform in a child window, Microsoft® Windows® .NET Form, or through a web page. The in-place activation control enables your customers to interact with your AutoCAD OEM design software while remaining in the host program or browser.

Powerful Security Mechanisms
With the AutoCAD OEM software development platform, you have full control of the level of AutoCAD functionality your users see. This enables you to manage the design activities of your users based on their specific process or purpose. AutoCAD OEM also provides encryption and binding security mechanisms that help prevent copying or reverse-engineering of your LISP software programs.

Product Branding
AutoCAD OEM software development platform tools enable you to brand your OEM-based product with its own name and identity. Using the MakeWizard and OEM InstallerWizard, control the About box image, splash screens, installer banners, and screen characteristics, such as bitmaps and product icons. AutoCAD characteristics can be hidden or displayed prominently, depending on the customer and your product's market requirements.

Development Interfaces
AutoCAD OEM development platform supports ObjectARX® programming environment, Visual LISP®, ActiveX®, and the .NET Framework. It also supports the tools in standard AutoCAD software for customizing menus, toolbars, and quick keys. For more information, see development interfaces.

Cloud Features
Some new features of AutoCAD are cloud-connected and require users to log in to their account. These features will not be available within AutoCAD OEM.

AutoCAD OEM licensing is handled globally by our partner Tech Soft 3D. To learn more about licensing AutoCAD OEM please go to the Tech Soft 3D AutoCAD OEM page or click here to start an evaluation.

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