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AutoCAD OEM Developer Center

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the architecture of AutoCAD® OEM different from that of AutoCAD software?
    AutoCAD software customers have access to the software’s feature set and can extend the feature set through the loading of additional applications, such as ObjectARX®, .NET, Visual LISP®, and Visual Basic® add-ins. AutoCAD has an open architecture that enables developers to customize and extend the baseline functionality through several APIs.

    A product developed using AutoCAD OEM licensed software, on the other hand, can provide customers with a subset of the complete AutoCAD feature set, in addition to custom features created by the AutoCAD OEM developer. This strategy gives users only the features they need in a customized environment.

  • What documentation and training are available to developers?
    AutoCAD software programming interfaces are extensively documented, and several application samples are available in the ObjectARX SDK included with AutoCAD OEM. For information on porting applications based on AutoCAD programming interfaces to AutoCAD OEM, read the AutoCAD OEM Developers Guide included with AutoCAD OEM. For information on porting applications based on previous versions of AutoCAD programming interfaces, read the migration information included with the relevant API documentation.

  • How is AutoCAD OEM licensed?
    AutoCAD OEM development software is selectively licensed. Developers must apply for a developer license by answering a questionnaire outlining their business and product plans. Global licensing for AutoCAD OEM is handled by our partner, Tech Soft 3D. Visit Tech Soft 3D or email them to learn more about AutoCAD OEM or to obtain a license application.

  • How do customers know that a product is built on the AutoCAD OEM platform?
    AutoCAD OEM licensees are provided with a “Powered with Autodesk Technology” logo kit. This logo identifies the product as being based on the AutoCAD OEM platform. The logo must be displayed on your product’s startup screen and About box. The About box must also include Autodesk in its copyright section. Other than that, the AutoCAD OEM-based product takes on the look and feel you choose.

  • Can I try AutoCAD OEM before I license it?
    Yes. Please contact our partner, Tech Soft 3D, via email to obtain an AutoCAD OEM CAD development software trial.

  • What versions of the DWG file format does AutoCAD OEM support?
    Products built with the current version of AutoCAD OEM can read DWG™ files for all AutoCAD versions, and they can write DWG for all AutoCAD versions since Release 14. DXF™ files can be written back to AutoCAD Release 12.

  • Can customers run AutoCAD OEM side by side with other AutoCAD-based applications?
    Yes. Products built with AutoCAD OEM can be installed side-by-side with any other AutoCAD or AutoCAD-based application—including AutoCAD. These products include the specialized toolsets and AutoCAD LT® software.

  • Is AutoCAD OEM available for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems?
    Starting with 2020, AutoCAD OEM is only available for 64-bit operating systems.