1. What is the Autodesk Certified Apps Program?

The Autodesk Certified Apps Program offers selected software developer partners to collaborate with Autodesk in delivering applications that offer the highest level of quality, integration, and compatibility with Autodesk products. Apps are certified to work with selected Autodesk products and releases. The program currently covers Autodesk products that primarily target manufacturing customers.

2. Why should I certify my apps? What are the benefits of certification?

Getting your apps certified gives you increased exposure and differentiation to Autodesk customers and the extended Autodesk sales team (Autodesk sales and resellers).

Benefits include:

  • Certified logo. Apps bearing the “Autodesk Certified” logo convey the highest level of interoperability, quality, and compatibility with relevant Autodesk products to your customers and prospects
  • Inclusion of your apps in the Autodesk Certified Apps catalog which is distributed to the extended Autodesk sales team and made directly available to Autodesk customers on
  • Preference in promoting your certified apps through social media and community (ex: Facebook, blogs, Twitter, YouTube) and the Autodesk Apps Store
  • Support for your press release, including a quote from an Autodesk executive, and in some cases, a joint Autodesk and developer press release. Other PR benefits may include newsletters and speaking engagement opportunities
  • Priority in participation at Autodesk sponsored events such as Autodesk University (AU) and One Team Conference (OTC)
  • Greater awareness of your app among the extended Autodesk sales team through webinars and presentations, and in some cases, introductions to Autodesk resellers
  • A greater level of technical assistance is available for certified apps – you get more information about new builds & development timelines, and your requests get priority handling by Autodesk engineering teams.

3. Which Autodesk products are involved in the Autodesk Certified Apps Program?

Currently the following Autodesk products are participating in the Autodesk Certified Apps Program. Other Autodesk products may be added from time to time.

  • Autodesk® Inventor®, Autodesk Inventor Professional, and Autodesk Inventor for Factory Design Suites
  • Autodesk® Vault Basic, Autodesk Vault Workgroup, Autodesk Vault Collaboration, and Autodesk Vault Professional

4. Can we certify for other Autodesk products, such as AutoCAD, Revit, AutoCAD® Mechanical software etc.?

Not at this time. Currently, the program is applicable ONLY to the products listed above.

5. What are the requirements for certification?

Apps need to demonstrate an enhanced integration experience with the Autodesk product with which it is designed to work, which includes at least one of the following:

  • Ease-of-use via in-window integration. The app has a full or part in-window presence within the product, beyond just launching from the ribbon
  • The ability to directly open native Autodesk product files and maintain associativity between the native Autodesk product files and app specific data. Maintaining associativity means that the app informs the user of changes to the original Autodesk product file to assist the user in managing updates Apps also need to maintain compatibility with the latest annual release of the relevant Autodesk product within 60 days of the product release, in addition to compatibility with the previous release (support for two releases).

For a more complete list of requirements, contact Autodesk at

6. Who can participate in the Certified Apps Program? How do I apply?

You need to be an ADN member to participate in the Autodesk Certified Apps Program. To apply for the Autodesk Certified Apps Program, log onto the ADN extranet and click on the Business & Marketing menu item, where you will find Certified Apps Program.

If you are not and ADN member, you can apply for ADN membership.

7. Does it cost anything to participate in the Autodesk Certified Apps Program?

There is no cost to ADN members. However, enjoying some of the benefits of the program, such as exhibiting and presenting at AU and OTC events (priority given to developers of certified apps), may require additional fees.

8. What does the certification process involve?

Autodesk validates that the apps meet the certification criteria relating to integration, quality, and compatibility. Below are the main steps:

  • Apply to have your app certified (see above)
  • Autodesk confirms eligibility and contacts you to schedule a Zoom session to have you demonstrate that the app works with the target Autodesk product for the main workflows
  • Autodesk conducts additional testing on the app and notifies you of the outcome
  • Apps that pass the certification process receive an Autodesk Certified App logo and developers receive the benefits of the program
  • Autodesk will provide recommended corrections for apps that do not pass

9. I currently participate in the Inventor Certified Apps Program. How is the Autodesk Certified Apps Program different?

The Autodesk Certified Apps Program is a significant enhancement to the Inventor Certified Apps Program. The Autodesk Certified Apps Program includes additional products beyond Autodesk Inventor (see above) and provides participants with greater benefits. To ensure the highest level of quality, integration, and compatibility, the certification requirements have also been expanded. The Autodesk Certified Apps Program will replace the Inventor Certified Apps Program, and existing Inventor Certified apps participants are invited to submit their apps to undergo the new certification process.

10. When did the Autodesk Certified Apps Program become available?

The Autodesk Certified Apps Program was announced to Autodesk customers and resellers during the global launch of Autodesk 2014 products.

11. Is there a timeline for me to certify? What if I fail to certify my app?

You may apply any time during the year as long as the app will be compatible with the latest and prior versions of the Autodesk product. Participants also need to ensure that their app maintains compatibility with new releases of the Autodesk product within 60 days of the product launch.

Autodesk will review the status of certified apps annually. Partners with apps that do not meet the certification requirements will be notified with a grace period to address applicable requirements issues. If the issues are not addressed upon the end of the grace period, partner apps may be dropped from the certified program and partners may lose the marketing and support benefits.

12. Is the Autodesk Certified Apps Program different from the Autodesk App Store?

These are separate programs. Certification is available only to ADN partners, while non-ADN members may post their apps on the Autodesk App Store. In order to maximize your exposure to Autodesk customers, it is highly recommended that you also publish your certified apps on the Autodesk App Store.

13. Are certified apps available worldwide?

Most certified apps are available around the world. Additionally, many certified apps include support for multiple languages and can be promoted by regional Autodesk sales offices and sales partners. The developer is responsible for technical support for the apps in most cases.

14. Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please send an email to:



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