FAB Professional

FAB Professional is a comprehensive sheet metal nesting and CAD/CAM solution for programming CNC turret punch press, profile (lasers, plasmas, and water jets), and combination punch/profile machine tools. FAB Professional is available as an Autodesk® AutoCAD® integrated solution, or as a stand-alone solution built on the AutoCAD® OEM® platform.

Nest jobs can be constructed interactively or through an automated ERP/MRP interface, can be created by selecting individual parts or complete assemblies, and use standard sheet sizes or analyze raw stock inventory and select sheets to optimize material utilization.

FAB Professional includes numerous interface options for Autodesk® Inventor® software including native DXF™/DWG™ support, OLE transfer, and Striker’s unique PARTshare technology.

PARTshare is an Inventor add-in that allows Inventor and FAB Professional to share a common part library. Sheet metal models and assemblies are automatically unfolded and extracted along with manufacturing data including part number, revision, routing, and material properties.


  • Significantly Reduces Data Transfer Time: PARTshare automates the transfer of flat part data from engineering to manufacturing. With just a few mouse clicks PARTshare can transfer all of the parts in a large assembly, automatically unfolding them as necessary. Compare this to the conventional method of opening each Inventor part model individually and saving a flat part. The time savings can be tremendous.
  • Seamless / Real-Time Data Sharing: When the Inventor designer releases a part or assembly it is immediately available for NC processing. The STRIKER CAD/CAM programmer does not have to import the data, it’s just there.
  • Eliminate Data Errors: PARTshare automatically extracts mapped Inventor properties including part number, revision information, description, material, etc., and carries them with the part through the manufacturing process. This guarantees consistent information since the reentry of this critical data is eliminated.

App details

  • Integration

    PARTshare is an Inventor add-in that is launched from the Inventor ribbon menu and controls data extraction. Extracted manufacturing data and 2-D unfolded DXF files are written to an external database accessible by FAB Professional for nesting and CNC processing.

  • Compatibility

    Autodesk® Inventor® 2022, Autodesk® Inventor® 2019, AutoCAD 2019

  • Target industries

    Sheet Metal Manufacturing/Production

  • Languages


  • Countries

    U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, India, China, Japan

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