EcoDesigner performs a screening Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) in the early stages of product design. This allows a Product Engineer or Designer to quickly calculate the environmental impact of their product design.

As an assembly or part is being designed, the designer can check the environmental impact of different design variations, and scenarios. The design scenarios could include choice of material, manufacturing process or even the impact of buying parts and transporting it from different suppliers/locations. Engineers can also study the impact of cost on different design scenarios as they optimize the environmental impact.

EcoDesigner offers a range of well known impact assessment methods, indicators and life cycle inventory data that are recognized all round the world. Engineers can also study the impact of cost on different design scenarios as they optimize the environmental impact.


  • Easy to Use: Perform sustainability analysis directly in the designers work space.
  • Flexible: Choose from a range of well-known and accepted impact assessment methods and indicators that are most relevant to your industry, geography and product.
  • Extensible: Incorporate your proprietary materials and environmental assessment data.
  • Collaborate: Perform analysis that can be leveraged and built upon by your internal sustainability experts or external consultants to create Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).
  • Share Results: You can now share your design BOM and the environmental impact profile with other stakeholders in your company who don’t have a CAD system.

App details

  • Integration

    EcoDesigner is completely built into Inventor. It is launched as an Application from within the Inventor Environment. EcoDesigner automatically loads the active Bill of Material for the Assembly and reads the relevant data from Inventor to perform the analysis.

  • Compatibility

    Autodesk Inventor 2018, Autodesk Inventor 2017, Autodesk Inventor 2016, Autodesk Inventor 2015, Autodesk Inventor 2014, Autodesk Inventor 2013

  • Target industries

    Auto & Transportation, Consumer Goods & Appliances, Electrical & Electronics Products, Industrial Machinery

  • Languages

    English, other Autodesk standard languages for Autodesk Inventor available on request

  • Countries

    All countries where Autodesk Inventor is sold

About Trayak

Trayak is a Consulting & Software Solutions Company with focus on Product Sustainability. At Trayak, we strongly believe that the principles of sustainable product design & manufacturing should be incorporated within the entire Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process allowing for optimal and profitable product strategies and decision making.

Contact information

5155 Financial Way
Mason, OH 45040

Phone: +1 513-445-3264
Email: info@trayak.com
Web: www.trayak.com



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