3DPartFinder Solutions are Industry 4.0 technologies based on our patented shape-based search engine. Developed to overcome the limitations of text-based search, 3DPartFinder will locate your parts and related documents with unprecedented efficiency. Three products are available to Autodesk Customers.

  • 3DPartFinder “Reuse” assists CAD designers to find parts similar to the query part which can be an existing file or a rough 3D sketch of the target part. Search is launched directly in Autodesk® Inventor® and results are displayed in a CAD assembly.
  • 3DPartFinder “All users” leverages 3DPartFinder’s technology to serve users who don’t have a CAD system but want to find similar parts to locate their documents.
  • 3DPartFinder “Analytics” assists professionals responsible for reducing inventories, standardize parts and clean-up database for duplicates and nearby duplicate parts.


  • Stops part proliferation. No more duplicates and nearby duplicate parts.
  • Highly profitable. Return on Investment is typically < 1 month!
  • Re-use Enterprise knowledge by locating similar parts and their documents such as manufacturing processes, CNC programs, part prices or quotations, shop floor documents etc.
  • An easy step to start implement the Digital transformation of your company: 3DPartFinder Implementation is typically < 1day!

App details

  • Integration

    Able to open the Autodesk native data file with full associativity

  • Compatibility

    Autodesk® Inventor® 2022, Autodesk® Inventor® 2019 and Autodesk® Inventor® 2018 to 2013
    Autodesk® Vault®  2022, Autodesk® Vault® 2019, Autodesk® Vault® 2018 to 2013 (Basic and Pro)

  • Target industries

    Aeronautic & Aerospace, Automotive & Transportation, Industrial Machinery & Equipment

  • Languages

    English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese

  • Countries

    North America, Europe, Japan, and China

  • Additional information

About 3DSemantix

3DSemantix have created a 3D search engine technology, 3DPartFinder, in order to find similar, duplicates or mirror parts and related information using a 3D MODEL as input instead of alphanumeric characters. We provide different standalone and cloud based solutions using our shape-based search engine.

Contact information

33 Prince Street, Suite 107
Montreal, QC
Canada H3C 2M7

Phone: 514-447-4978
Email: info@3dsemantix.com
Web: www.3dsemantix.com



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