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Key Words Series: Jenna Johnson, Head of Patagonia Inc.

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Conscious Sustainability​ ​

Since autumn of last year Jenna Johnson has led Patagonia’s key apparel and equipment division. She’s now charged with driving the company’s mission to “save our home planet,” and continue its commitment to creating products sustainably—with a relentless rigor that saw one sleeping bag take 45 years to perfect. 

It’s this attention to detail, as well as R&D innovations like Encapsil—a way to waterproof down insulation with plasma injection—that have led Patagonia to go beyond apparel onto becoming recognized as a technology brand under Johnson’s leadership. For Johnson, however, describes her mission as being a brand with a conscience: building great products, but with materials, components, and supply chains that are sustainable and socially sensitive. 

Read why she believes products and “conscious sustainability” can play a vital role in the battle to save the planet.

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