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Designing for Impact: How Innovators Are Exploring Emerging Technologies

Learn how residents of the Autodesk Technology Centers are designing for impact to solve the world's social, environmental, and economic problems.

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The need to solve the world’s most critical social, environmental, and economic problems is an urgent one, and there’s no shortage of great ideas. But those ideas have a better chance of becoming tangible solutions when collaboration is involved. When innovators team up with others, they’re exposed to diverse perspectives and new ideas and information, and the ensuing explorations and iterations—and failure, lots of failure—can lead to powerful and often unexpected outcomes.

Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of the Autodesk Technology Centers, which provide a platform for exploring new possibilities of designing and making. With a global network of innovators from the industry, academic, and entrepreneurial communities—and physical workshops in San Francisco; Boston; Toronto; and Birmingham, England—the technology centers provide support for residents as they seek new ways of designing for impact.

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