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Thumbnail image of Brian Pene, Autodesk Director

Brian Pene, Autodesk Director

Brian Pene is the director of emerging technology at Autodesk. He has been with Autodesk for more than 21 years working in a variety of roles, including senior product designer, customer solutions expert, and technology evangelist. His current role explores the intersection of emerging technologies and market trends to provide Autodesk with potential directions for innovative design, business, and technology solutions. Pene has more than 15 years of professional design and software-engineering experience with research and projects, including applications in augmented and mixed reality, real-time 3D visualization and simulation, virtual worlds, games-based learning tools, algorithmic design, and data visualization. For all of his job responsibilities at Autodesk, Pene believes that technology is just a tool, something that helps people get to where they need to go quickly and with more options to make better informed decisions.