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Engineering force that serves for a safer life.


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Designs that promise a safe life

As one of the design companies specialized in earthquake engineering, Prota generates architecture and engineering projects in the areas of superstructure, energy, transport, infrastructure and aviation, in line with its "safe life building" target. Having executed numerous successful projects in the areas of landscape, urban design, urban and regional planning, reinforcement and restoration of historical buildings, Prota has so far successfully completed construction projects in more than 25 countries and on a building surface of more than 26 million square meters.

Distinctive skills and outstanding projects

Closely following literature and the latest developments in their own fields, Prota's architects and engineers are fully equipped in the production of innovative system models that present economic and aesthetic solutions. Making a difference with its manpower, Prota comes to the forefront with its R&D capacity, its management understanding encouraging innovative approaches, its investments in software and technology and its design culture.


Here are some of the projects that bring Prota forward in domestic and foreign markets: Istanbul Airport; Marmaray; approximately 260 km-long urban rail system projects; Sabiha Gökçen, Cairo, St Petersburg Pulkovo, Prishtina Airport projects; Çapa and Cerrahpaşa Hospital and Campus projects; Tufanbeyli, Kırıkkale, Samsun, Seydişehir Energy Plant projects; Kiev Park Gorgoko complex projects.

A "Multidisciplinary" and "holistic" design approach with the BIM platform

Its sister company Prota Computers being Autodesk's business partner, Prota Engineering has been using and following the evolution of Autodesk products for years. That is why, Prota Engineering is one of the first companies in the industry to start designing with BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies.


Danyal Kubin, Director-General of Prota Engineering, states: "Us presenting multidisciplinary and holistic design solutions makes us stand out in domestic and foreign markets. Thus, we have experts from different disciplines such as architecture, construction, mechanics, electricity, infrastructure and landscape. By working together in each project, these experts are able to generate a holistic approach. At the heart of this approach lies the Autodesk AEC Collection."

The best solution for the needs of design groups

Following Autodesk's BIM approach since the beginning and establishing its first BIM infrastructure in 2012, Prota created its very first BIM-supported design in 2015 with Autodesk solutions that were available back then. It has started using the Autodesk AEC Collection from 2017 onwards, the year it has been launched.

Prota Engineering's Design Director İlker Ali İliş says: "For a long time now we have been handling our projects with a BIM understanding. Hence, BIM softwares represent the most important tools of our design process. I believe that in this respect, the Autodesk AEC Collection presents the best solution to our design groups' needs."

İliş continues: "The objective of design teams is to be able to generate object-based, parametric information models and to render these viable throughout the whole structure life. We are using the Autodesk AEC Collection because it addresses BIM needs such as generating 3-dimensional models in the design process, 3-dimensional coordination, visualization, detecting interdisciplinary clashes, quantitative / cost and site analyses, and 2-dimensional presentation boards."


Saniye Öktem, BIM and Technology Coordinator, indicates that all employees working within the design groups are users of the Autodesk AEC Collection and that the total number of users equates to more than 150.

Design Director Ali İliş emphasizes that the Prota Engineering design groups include architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electric engineers, infrastructure and routing engineers and technicians. The tool most used by architects and engineers within the Collection is Revit, but Civil 3D and Infraworks too are used by infrastructure groups.

A devoted BIM team

At Prota, we have a team of BIM experts. They work on topics such as interdisciplinary harmony, detection and removal of clashes in digital environment, cost prediction through design works. Monitorings based on on-site work programmes and site processes such as progress points as well can be planned by this team at project phase.

By BIM's nature, disciplines have to work more intimately in order to increase coordination and cooperation. This situation also requires a change in work methods and culture. From the generation of the procedures of this change to the use of the right softwares for the right objectives, the infrastructure of many processes are assembled by the BIM Team.

Benefits of BIM softwares on the design process

İlker Ali İliş, Design Director, expresses the benefits of BIM softwares presented with the Autodesk AAEC Collection on the design process: "We have at our disposal a platform that supports creativity, where new ideas that may emerge during the design process can be easily applied, and that can be seen with all its dimensions in digital media."

"Object-based and parametric work ensures information is transferred to different disciplines and projects. Thus, creating an experience reservoir and a corporate memory that are accessible and available at all times becomes possible. This means a shorter period of design and a rise of efficiency."

"Furthermore, three dimensional designs developed on this infrastructure are easily understood by employers from all sectors, thus reducing decision-making durations. Hence, while efficiency increases in both design and customer-based decision-making processes, errors that may arise on-site and revisions and costs that may ensue are minimized."

BIM experts bring together models generated by different disciplines and detect clashes thanks to the Navisworks software. Gathering yardage and amount information from smart BIM models, they constitute a base for the construction phase. The design group does not only strive to create the design phase in projects, but also endeavours to generate living BIM models by also taking ensuing production and management phases into consideration.

Projects that make a difference with BIM

Saniye Öktem, BIM and Technology Coordinator, draws the attention to the fact that BIM technologies are being used as of June 2020, and that they are managing more than 15 projects at construction or operation phase. These projects have been or continue to be designed with the Autodesk AEC Collection.

Öktem assesses the benefits that came with projects through some works that stand out. One of these is the Istanbul Ataköy - İkitelli subway project. Öktem briefs us about the project process:
"The Istanbul Ataköy-İkitelli Subway project is the second railway project in Turkey to have been tendered with BIM. This project was also running as finalist in AEC Excellence 2018 organized by Autodesk worldwide. All shareholders of the project who carried out the design and construction processes together had chosen the Autodesk AEC Collection products."

"In the project where many BIM usages destined for construction processes have been applied, a status quo modeling has been carried out as basis for the design processes. To that end, the project's construction contractor Aga Energy gathered point cloud data with both laser scanners and drones. The Collection's coordination with the design BIM models' status quo has been carried out with the help of Recap and Navisworks tools."


Another project that stands out with its use of BIM is the Cerrahpaşa Hospital and Education Buildings project. In the latter, BIM and VR technologies were used. Thus, designs were better explained to the employer and decisions were taken more quickly. Furthermore, BIM 360 cloud solutions were used between teams in this project where design works were carried out by teams in different cities.

The solid waste incineration project whose construction continues in Kemerburgaz, Istanbul, stands out as one of the complex projects bringing many different disciplines together. In the design process of the site that will respond to the household electric need of a population of one million and a half, many different teams took charge, including in processing; model data have been generated in different formats; and the latters have been merged in Naviswork environment so that coordination could be carried out.

Saving time and workforce

As a company that provides design and engineering services for more than one discipline, Prota presents holistic, coordinated and sustainable solutions together with BIM.

Decision-making phases are speeded up by presenting employers three dimensional designs with the aid of Autodesk's visualization products and rich visual contents. The integration of BIM models with VR technology represents a delightful option in design control for both design teams and the employer. Previously, controls would take weeks, now, analysing the model with VR has become possible without getting to the presentation board building phase.

Additionally, by using visual programming tools like Dynamo, times spent on design can be optimized. Design Director İlker Ali İliş states: "For instance, in a project where we have wall and tiling thin coatings automatically added to the model, a work that would normally take more than one week for a block was completed in three days."


BIM and Technology Coordinator Saniye Öktem too gives examples of time and workforce savings: "Before using BIM solutions, all works of disciplines would be brought together at the same plan level and be controlled in order to ensure interdisciplinary coordination. These controls carried out at plan level were susceptible to errors. For instance in subway projects, all equipments at plan level would be installed on locations within tunnels. Because of the tunnel form, we would not know that those equipments were not able to fit in those gaps. In designs we carry out with Revit, we have become capable of detecting and solving these types of errors before the coordination phase."

BIM processes do not only contribute greatly to the design phase, but also to the construction phase. Öktem says: "In one of our subway projects, the planned construction duration was decreased from 18 months to 8,5 months with the transfer of design alternatives via three dimensional models to the contractor at early stages."

At this points, İliş adds: "Once again, in the same project, thanks to yardage works carried out through BIM models before acquisition, a saving of 30% on electrical wires, and of 10% on the CER transformer were made. These ratios appear as very significant savings when the size of the projects is taken into account."

A reliable friend when growing in domestic and global markets

Video: AEC workflow w/ AutoCAD, Revit, and BIM 360

For a company like Prota that operates in both domestic and global markets, an internationally-recognized, reliable and up-to-date platform such as the Autodesk AEC Collection standing out with its high usability brings with it competitive advantages as well. Creating a solid common language in international cooperations, this platform proves itself once again with time and workforce achievements. The rapid taking of design decisions with also the aid of cloud solutions such as BIM 360, all through the quick passing of harmonization processes in works carried out with international business partners ensure design processes are completed in the most efficient manner.

When constructing its future, Prota lists its musts as follows: "Always keeping technology and software investments in the foreground", "Uninterruptedly continuing investment in human, R&D, efficient communication / promotion activities", "expanding further in foreign markets".

Director-General Danyal Kubin emphasizes the importance of technology and software investments on this list by stating "This is a road fellowship" and continues: "Whether in Turkey or in any given point in the world... Wherever we are working, we aim at building safer lives. Moreover, this target of ours is accompanied by the highest aesthetical and ergonomic expectations. Autodesk's AEC Collection promises us a trustworthy road fellowship while advancing on such an ambitious path."

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