A Project that Uses End-to-End BIM Processes: Ziraat Towers


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Ziraat Towers, built by Kalyon Insaat at the Istanbul International Finance Center, are reaching for the sky as proof of the company’s successful record in building complex projects and its striking expertise in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Kalyon Insaat's skill in the use of BIM has allowed the company to provide an optimal response to not only meeting customer expectations but also achieving high productivity by economizing on labor and time.

Kalyon Insaat headquarters makes use of Autodesk AEC BIM applications in their projects. All of their worksites have a BIM team that set up BIM processes and ensure their continuity, meanwhile assuming the responsibility of passing on know-how to other projects.

“BIM projects are in general successfully modeled in the office environment. It is not easy to continue the BIM approach at the worksite phase. Ziraat Towers project has become an exemplary success in the use of BIM in the manufacturing stage."

--Belgin Kafali Caliskan, BIM Manager / Architect, Kalyon Insaat

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