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Tips for effective software asset management

Reduce the risk of noncompliance and lower your software costs by reviewing these tips for implementing an effective software asset management (SAM) program:

  • 1. Develop a Software Asset Management Plan

    After implementing the software asset management (SAM) program, you need to develop a plan for your ongoing SAM efforts.

    Your plan should include:

    • A schedule for analyzing employee software requirements so you know which software employees will need to do their jobs, and which software can be deployed elsewhere.
    • Training procedures for specific software to help employees get the most from their tools.
    • Procedures for safeguarding licensing documentation against theft or misuse.

    In addition, your SAM plan should clearly communicate your company’s software policies and commitment to complying with software license agreements.

    You can view the Autodesk end-user license agreement from the Help menu of your Autodesk software.

  • 2. Buy from Trusted Resellers

    Reduce the Risk of Noncompliance

    Avoid counterfeit software by buying from an Autodesk Authorized Reseller. Autodesk resellers sell only authentic Autodesk software and understand a wide range of industries and design processes. They can help you choose the software, hardware, and services you need to meet your business requirements.

    You can also buy software direct from the online Autodesk Store.

  • 3. Beware of Software Scam Artists

    Review the following to protect yourself from software scam artists selling counterfeit Autodesk software or claiming to sell Autodesk software as a way to get your credit card data:

    Don’t Buy From Auction Websites

    A high percentage of software sold on auction websites is counterfeit. Autodesk licenses are not typically transferable, so software from auction sites cannot be transferred into your name or your company’s name.

    Ignore Spam Email Messages

    If you get an email offering drastically discounted prices for Autodesk software, it’s a scam, and the software is counterfeit. In many cases, these scam artists will use the information you supply upon purchase to commit identity theft or credit card fraud.

    Buy Locally

    Avoid scams by purchasing software from a local Autodesk Authorized Reseller or the Autodesk Store. Scam artists often steal software from one region and sell it cheaply in another.

    Download Only From Autodesk

    Only from Autodesk can you download authentic Autodesk software. Autodesk does not authorize any other websites to offer downloads of its software. Report the sale or distribution of unlicensed Autodesk Software.

    Avoid Street Vendors

    Autodesk Authorized Resellers do not sell Autodesk software on the street or at outdoor markets.

  • 4. Check Product Packaging

    Carefully inspect the packaging of your software product, and look for these clues to help verify its authenticity:

    The Bar Code Label

    Identify authentic Autodesk software by checking the bar code. All authentic Autodesk software includes a label with product information including part numbers, bar codes, and a unique serial number. If no such label is on the packaging, the software is not authentic or not properly licensed.

    The bar code on your Autodesk software package should look like this:

    Packaging Quality

    Authentic Autodesk software has professionally produced packaging and documentation:

    • CDs and DVDs will never include data printed on a sticker—it will be laser-etched on the CD or DVD.
    • Activation codes will never be printed on the software packaging. If the code is visible prior to purchase, the software is counterfeit.
  • 5. Review Policies and Procedures

    Keep Software Policies Current

    Regularly review and revise software use policies to clarify existing language and address new issues. Make sure all employees review these policies and that they are posted prominently in common areas of your company. Consider asking employees to sign a letter agreeing not to duplicate company software. 

    Develop Reporting Mechanisms

    Make it easy for employees to report unauthorized software use. Create a suggestion box or employee help line so employees can file software misuse reports confidentially.

  • 6. Communicate with Employees

    Communicate with your employees about the benefits of software compliance and the risks of noncompliance. Post software use policies in common areas of your office, and include them in your employee orientation packet.

    In addition:

    • Have employees read and then sign a copy of your software policies.
    • Make software policies available in hard copy and on your intranet.
    • Publicize processes for adding new computers, applications, and employees.
    • Discourage individual purchases—software asset managers can receive volume discounts and also ensure that software enters the software asset management process.
    • Enforce your software policy when employees are found to be noncompliant.