Commonly Referenced Autodesk Products and Services

Commonly Referenced Autodesk Products and Services

Please note: product names are not necessarily synonymous with trademarks. The trademark designation and protection apply only to that portion of the product name which is immediately to the left of the ® or ™ symbol.

  • With “Autodesk MapGuide®,” the entire name is a fully registered trademark, not "MapGuide" by itself
  • With "Autodesk® Navisworks®," both portions of the name are registered trademarks
  • With “AutoCAD® Architecture,” or "Autodesk® Vault," only the “AutoCAD” or "Autodesk" portions of the product names are registered trademarks
  • With “Autodesk® Pixlr-o-matic™,” the “Autodesk” portion is a registered mark and the “Pixlr-o-matic” portion is a (claimed) trademark.

Commonly Referenced Autodesk Products and Services

The Commonly Referenced Autodesk Products and Services pdf spreadsheet alphabetically lists correctly spelled product names and the correct placement of trademark symbols within each name. Product offerings, names, specifications, or division alignments are subject to change. This document does not reflect all products or services made available by Autodesk.

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