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Cloud Credits Entitlements


Cloud credits are a universal unit of measure across Autodesk consumption-based cloud services. Cloud credits are required to perform certain tasks such as creating a rendering or running a simulation. Not all services are consumption based. Customers may be granted cloud credit allocations in various circumstances (e.g. when they set up an account with Autodesk or as part of entitlements to certain Autodesk products or services or subscriptions). These allocations may vary by product, type and level of service or subscription. Cloud credits are also available for purchase. Cloud credits have different attributes depending on the type of cloud credit allocated or purchased and described in a customer’s Autodesk Account; those attributes are set out in more detail below.

Current cloud credit attributes (as of April 11, 2013) are as set out in the following table. All cloud credit allocations received prior to December 13, 2013 shall be treated as Shared Cloud Credits.



Shared Cloud Credits

Individual Cloud Credits


Can be allocated to, and shared by, Authorized Users under the applicable Autodesk product or service or subscription contract to which they have been allocated.

Are specific to the individual Named User to whom they are granted by Autodesk.

Cannot be transferred or allocated to, or shared by, or used by other Authorized Users


Expire at the earlier of 12 months following the date of purchase or termination or expiration (and non-renewal) of the applicable Autodesk product or service or subscription contract to which they have been allocated

Available until withdrawn by Autodesk. May be withdrawn by Autodesk at any time on 90 days’ notice*.


Consumed second if a Named User has both Individual and Shared cloud credits.

Consumed first if a Named User has both Individual and Shared cloud credits

Effective Date

From purchase and allocation to a specific Autodesk product or service or subscription contract.

When allocated to a Named User’s Autodesk Account

* Notice will be provided (i) via email to the Named User’s registered email address or (ii) via notice in the administrator site or account of Named User’s site or account, or (iii) via any other manner deemed reasonable by Autodesk which involves specific notification to Named User (including, for example, by in-service notification functionality).


Current cloud credit usage rates (as of March 23, 2018) are as follows:



Usage Rate


Variable based on quality and size

Moldflow Insight

20 cloud credits per simulation / variable cloud credits for a Design of Experiments (DOE)


variable rate based on problem complexity


5 cloud credits per simulation

InfraWorks 360

Profile optimization service requires 100 cloud credits (per 5km of road)

Structural Analysis for Revit

2 cloud credits per analysis

Inventor Optimization

5 cloud credits per optimization

Autodesk® Configurator 360™

1 cloud credit per end user configuration session


Cloud credits are all valued at “1.”  Usage rates are determined by Autodesk and vary by service. Cloud credit usage may vary based on such elements as quality and size.  Autodesk may change usage rates for cloud credits and product allocations from time to time.  Cloud credits may not be sold, bartered, traded, transferred or exchanged and will expire according to their respective attributes set out above.  From time to time, Autodesk may allow use of cloud credits in excess of allocated entitlement or designated expiration date.  This does not imply continued use rights at these levels or beyond designated expiration date.  For variable usage rates, Autodesk will endeavor to notify users of anticipated usage prior to running the service.