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Autodesk® Fusion Lifecycle Entitlements – Updated August 10, 2016

Note: Capitalized terms set out below shall have the meaning assigned to them in the A360 Terms of Service unless specifically defined otherwise below.

Purchase of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Enterprise entitles You (and an unlimited* number of Third Party Users authorized by You) to use and access Your Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Enterprise Service during the Term provided that (i) all of Your employees using or accessing the Services have purchased subscriptions; (ii) no Third Party Users are employees or on-site contractors of Yours; and (iii) You and Your designated account executive (as indicated on Your order form) have conferred at the time additional Third Party User access is granted. A Third Party User is a specific type of user log-in access that You will be provided as part of Your access to Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Enterprise. All Third Party Users must be Authorized Users authorized by You. You bear the burden of proof in demonstrating that Your use and access (and Your users’ use and access) complies with these Entitlements and with the Terms of Service. 

*Subject to reasonable technical limitations.