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At Autodesk, we empower innovators everywhere to take the problems of today and turn them into something amazing. How? We partner with our customers across design and make industries to imagine bigger, collaborate smarter, move faster, and build better. Because we believe that if you can dream it, you can Autodesk it.


Rethink it.

Why couldn’t a car walk? Hyundai turns to Autodesk to help reimagine how cars move and how to build them.


Turning wheels into legs for a real-life, transforming car that can expand accessibility and save lives.

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    Wheeled vehicles can barely handle curbs, much less transport goods and supplies across inaccessible terrain. If wheels alone can’t get you where you need to go, rethink it.

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    Hyundai partnered with the Autodesk Technology Centers and pushed the generative design capabilities in Fusion 360 to new heights. The team optimized the strength and weight of the legs that make its ground-breaking vehicles possible, and quickly turned those ideas into prototypes by additively manufacturing parts.

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    Roads—who needs ‘em? Hyundai’s concept vehicles are a leap into the future of transportation. They are paving new ways to move people, deliver critical supplies to remote areas, and even explore surfaces beyond those on Earth.


Assemble it.

Factory_OS is reinventing construction as we know it–by using a factory floor to build affordable homes faster, with less waste, and all while creating new jobs.


Turning a waste-filled construction site into a high-performing factory to improve productivity and ease the housing crisis.

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    Construction is a notoriously inefficient industry that makes building slow and expensive. Which means it’s ripe for reinvention.

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    Factory_OS teamed up with Autodesk to reimagine its off-site construction process. From Revit to BIM 360, they use Autodesk technology to help with design, modeling, assembly, and more–automating time-consuming workflows and connecting data and teams across the whole project lifecycle.

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    By applying manufacturing techniques to construct modular units in a controlled factory setting, Factory_OS can build homes more efficiently, sustainably, and cost effectively. And make a meaningful dent in the housing shortage.


Design it.

KING Toronto is reshaping the cityscape with architecture that incorporates biodiversity and sustainability.


Turning an apartment block into a community that fosters well-being among its citizens and the environment.

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    How do you make a city more livable? The cold, concrete cityscape we’re used to doesn’t offer access to nature or cultivate community.

  • [Autodesk it]

    A global team of architects enlisted Autodesk BIM technologies to achieve their ambitious vision for a greener, more sustainable city neighborhood. They brought sustainability targets into the process early to help them make design decisions that would affect energy, carbon, and daylight.

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    Covered with a skin of lush gardens, KING Toronto’s terraced design maximizes light, air, and views. Together, the KING Toronto team and Autodesk showed how imagination, ingenuity, and technology intersect to deliver a result that’s good for the planet, good for the community, and good for business.


Engineer it.

Video-game-designer-turned-tattoo-artist Richard “Bez” Beston teaches himself 3D design and remakes an industry.


Turning a frustration into a business after learning how to design and make a career-saving tool.

  • [Inspiration]

    Traditional tattoo guns are heavy, vibrating things. They can cause chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. But tattoo artists don’t have to suffer for their art.

  • [Autodesk it]

    No engineering experience was no problem for Bez. Autodesk’s learning resources and the accessibility of Fusion 360 enabled him to totally redesign and make a radically better tattoo gun.

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    Bez not only invented a new tattoo gun that minimizes the negative effects of heavy, vibrating power tools, he also founded his own company, Ego, to sell his ergonomic tattoo machines, grips, and accessories.


Animate it.

LAIKA combines modern technology with traditional artistry to set a new bar in stop motion animation.


Turning an old artform into a new mode of storytelling that captures the hearts and minds of audiences.

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    Stop motion animation can be monstrously time-consuming (even if the main character isn’t a sasquatch). But it can be a delight to behold, so tackling the massive coordination of assets, teams, and schedules is a must.

  • [Autodesk it]

    Autodesk equips LAIKA Studios with a full spectrum of solutions, including Maya, Inventor, and ShotGrid, to integrate physical and digital animation methods and help connect the production pipeline.

  • [Amazing]

    Its latest movie Missing Link earned LAIKA the 2020 Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. In a supporting role, Autodesk helped the studio gain new efficiencies in its production process and create character performances that were both realistic and nuanced.

For all the innovators who design, engineer, render, and build us toward a better tomorrow, we are here to partner with you.

Autodesk it.

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