Professional | ~4 hr.

Managing projects using Revit

Course | Skill builder
Collaboration begins with good project management. Learn how to use Revit tools to collaborate and successfully conduct design reviews.
Last updated: October 25, 2023


Develop a versatile skillset to propel your team forward. Learn how to link and manage your files and set up shared coordinates to collaborate with others. Discover how to manage project phases to create and compare design options. Set up your environment for worksharing and learn to review warnings and perform interference checking.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Link and manage files, including DWG files, PDFs, and image files.
  • Set up shared coordinates for collaboration.
  • Manage refurbishment through phases and create existing, proposed, and demolition to objects.
  • Create and work with design option sets.
  • Enable worksharing.
  • Create and assign worksets.
  • Review warnings and determine severity.
  • Set up interference checking and check coordination with linked models.
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Course modules

~2 min.
Getting started
Course Module

Getting started

~1 hr. 25 min.
Linked files
Course Module

Learn how to work with the Visibility/Graphics Overrides feature and control the display of linked models. You’ll link PDF and image files into Revit and then scale those images to real-world size.

~55 min.
Project phasing and design options
Course Module

Learn how to assign phases to objects and views, then work with phase filters. We'll also explore design option sets, comparing design options, and assigning visibility.

~20 min.
Course Module

Collaboration is a key Revit feature for any discipline. Learn how to use these collaboration tools by enabling worksharing and using worksets.

~35 min.
Warnings and interference checking
Course Module

Warnings keep your files functioning properly and help you understand what's acceptable or unacceptable in your model. Learn to determine the severity of warnings by checking a model for interference and using a linked model to check for coordination issues.

~45 min.
Course challenge
Course Module

Use the skills and techniques that were covered in the course to solve a challenge that encompasses multiple sections of the course. A dataset is provided to use in the assignment.

~20 min.
Final test
Course Module

Final test

Instructor resources

Resources for teaching in the classroom.

Resources just for educators
Teach this course in the classroom. It is recommended that you watch the videos and familiarize yourself with the course before delivering this content in the classroom.

Download the instructor resources

We’ve provided an instructor guide for teaching the course content in the classroom, with discussion prompts, learning objectives, and estimated times for demonstration and practice. Additionally, grading rubrics for the challenges found in the course are provided. Students can either work in teams or solve the challenges on their own.

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This course will retire December 13, 2023

This course will retire on December 13, 2023 — but great news! You'll find our latest tutorials on Be sure to complete the course and download your certificate of completion by December 13th or your progress will be lost.

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